Thursday, August 14, 2014

A little info about me

Written by Michelle's mother:

     Michelle is 21 years old and has lived a full amazing life. She is the fourth of 6 children. She was born 2 weeks early.  She  accidentally came so fast that she was born on the kitchen floor, and delivered by her aunt and father who were standing by. Her three year old brother waddled in with his bedspread to put on her as her blanket. Little did we know that her spontaneous birth was a sign of things to come.

    Michelle smiled all the time as a baby, and would kick her feet wildly if she heard music and people singing.  Starting at three years old she sang around the house until there was no stopping.  She played dress up and twirled around dancing to all the disney songs. Her first solo was when she was 4 years old. She sang her talk in primary at her church.  

     Michelle was home schooled during her childhood until the age of 11 when she entered 6th grade.  She was a tender hearted kind little girl that was always happy.  She became very sick at the age of 8 years old with Epstein Barr virus for about a year. She developed hepatitis and lost a lot of weight and hair.  Michelle was weak and tired, and saw many doctors for different problems that came about because of the sickness. During that time she yearned for friends, and sadly she was turned away from the kids in her neighborhood because she was "different." She was the quiet home schooled girl, and not well physically. Those were difficult times for her,  but little did she know what lied in store.

     Michelle entered public school in 6th grade for the first time. These children adored her immediately. She was made class president. There was one girl she noticed who didn't have friends.  Each day Michelle would sit by her at lunch, until the large group of friends Michelle had made gave her a choice. It was either going to be the the popular group of friends for Michelle, or the misfit girl who no one liked. Michelle knew very well how it felt to have no friends in her life,  and chose to stay with this young girl each day to be her only friend. That spiritual quality of Michelle defined her at a young age.

    A new world opened up for Michelle as she began to find herself. She had taken dance and piano during her childhood, but now she begged for voice lessons at the age of 12 years old.  Michelle entered every talent show and public event she could sing at.  Her will to excel in all areas, and especially music, was evident. She set goals that were far ahead of her even possible abilities to achieve, and somehow she did it.  She mastered the national anthem, and sang for the Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns by 17 years old. She sang the theme song for a feature film by the age of 16, and performed on stage in front of 35,000 people with just her and her guitar before she was 18.  Michelle worked as a professional singer by the time she was 18 years old, performing at restaurants and stunning audiences wherever she went. Also during those high school years she was a varsity cheerleader, and had risen so fast in her gymnastic skills that her classmates held high respect for her strong ability to achieve.  Even though Michelle's childhood was difficult to pass through feeling so rejected by friends, she ended up so loved by everyone that she was crowned homecoming queen of Mesa High School.

   After 3 years of working as a professional singer,  and performing on National TV,  Michelle decided to leave at the age of 21, to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for a  year and a half in South Korea. She has sung for many prominent people such as Mitt Romney, and Glenn Beck. She has her first album on iTunes.  People ask her why? Why would you leave at the prime of your life and give up your music career for 18 months to do missionary work? Why would you give up all the money you could be making and your education, to live in South Korea? Michelle is an achiever, and loves God more than all of her talents and skills combined. She is an amazing daughter and truly sets a wonderful example to all. 

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