Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dear Fam and friends,

     How are all of you?  I appreciate your letters.  There's a girl in my room that doesn't get any letters,  and it's very sad,  so it makes me appreciate my emails so much more.   It sounds like everything is going great in good ole Arizona!
     Right now we are in our room finishing writing everyone.  My hand is aching from typing and writing so much.  It's almost lunch and then we are going to go do sealings at the temple.  I did them last week for the first time and it was the most beautiful thing.  It made me really excited to get married haha.  I love the temple and am going to miss attending every week.
     I have only 2 more P-Days (Thursdays) left here at the MTC before I leave for Korea.  It's scary to think about it.  I'm trying to put as much as I can in my bucket of knowledge before I leave.  On Monday 4 districts left for Korea.  It was so sad to watch them go but so exciting for them at the same time.  We miss them so much. It's really quiet in the hallways.  My district is now the oldest one, because we've been here the longest.
     Everyone has been getting sick.  Our teacher has been sick for a couple of weeks now and I'm just going to blame it on her.  I"M SICK!!!!! Don't freak out now!! haha I have a cold and now it has turned into a cough.  I coughed all last night.  Everyone wants me to take all this medicine.  uh... no,  I won't touch it.  I am using my essential oils.  My companion gets migraines from different smells,  so I can't use them too often. I will get better though.  I have to!   Mother, do you have any advice??
     We have this thing we started where P-Day (Preparation Day) is now "Christmas."  One P-Day the sister missionary in our room woke up and said,  in a girly tone, "WAKE UP!!! IT"S CHRISTMAS!!" I just woke up laughing.  It was hilarious at the time. So now every P-Day we say that.
     We got another apostle come to speak this week.  We had Elder Richard G. Scott last week and Elder M. Russell Ballard on Tuesday.  I was in the same room as an apostle of the Lord.  How cool is that?  Everything he said I needed to hear.  I will share some of the things he said with you.  He said, "Answers come in 3 ways."  1. PEACE    2. A SENSE OF UNSETTLED FEELING OR A STUPOR OF THOUGHT    3.  NO RESPONSE       He went on to explain that when you receive no response it means God wants you to act.  He said, "Express thanks because it means God has trust in you."  I thought about how I felt when I prayed about my mission.  I never got an answer at first.  It wasn't a no but not a yes.  I knew that God wanted me to act first.  He knew that I would make the right decision.  I did make the right decision.  I am now going to South Korea to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I made the right decision for myself.  I have had it confirmed to me again and again.  I'm transforming into a new person by the way.  I am learning and growing immensely.  Elder Scott said these comforting words, "The Lord has called you to succeed, not to fail."  He believes in me.  I can do this!!! I am so happy I'm out here!!!
     I just got called to be the branch music director.  It's been super fun and my branch president asked me if I would do a musical number before I left.  The audition for the devotional was supposed to be today.  I haven't auditioned yet.  I am going to try out with the song, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives."
     Well I now know about 100 words in Korean and about 40 phrases.  Someone asked me to tell them what a typical P-Day is like.  Well, I wake up....clean the apartment....print off letters.....then get breakfast.....then go back and write laundry......and then go write emails.  Before 11:00 a.m. that part is all done.  Then we have lunch, go to the temple, then have dinner, and then go back to class.
     I get my flight info next Friday.  So exciting but kinda scary to soon be starting my new life living in Korea.
     To mother and dad:  I am SO much more grateful for everything you've done for me over the years. I miss talking to you!!  Mother, you are  amazing and have done so much for me.  I love you!!  And dad... I miss your bald head.   haha!! You are the smartest man I know!!!
     I need a few things:  A children's songbook in Korean, lots of stamps, and a new watch, because mine got rusty.  Please send food,  and please send me as many "Dear Elders" as you can.  MORE LOVE!!!   I love you all and feel free to put whatever on my blog.  Pics too.
     Please tell Clyde Bawden that I miss singing with him, but when I get home I'm ready to work hard!!! I'm so excited to sing again and to change hearts through music!!   I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

      LOVE, Sister Michelle Moyer

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