Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dear Fam and Friends,

     Well this will probably be the last hand written letter I write from the MTC. We are all freaking out and just can't believe our time has come.  Guess what?  I got the audition and am singing at the devotional.  I get to also sing at church on Sunday.  So excited!
      Funny stories this week:   The other day I decided to do zoo froggy jumps.  The next day I could NOT walk or sit.  We are on the 4th floor for class, and for our residence, so you can imagine how painful it was walking up and down all day.  Everyone enjoyed laughing at me, but that's ok.  It must have looked really funny!  Also, there is a Korean sister missionary that is here and she for some reason is obsessed with me.  She is always leaning her head on me and talking to me.  I have to say she is the cutest thing ever.  The other day the korean girl walked into our room and one sister talked about how she, herself, was getting fat around the stomach.  So this Korean sister slightly bent down and wiggled her fingers at the the other girls stomach fat and said, in a high pitched voice, "Hello!!!"  We were dying!!!! hahaha! It was so funny. Girls!
     I really miss all of you.  This P-day has been fun but stressful.  S0 much to do in a short amount of time.  I'm doing great but could really use your prayers.  Choir is probably the highlight of my week.  The choir director has said the most inspiring things that has changed my mission and my life.
     I get to read in the Book of Mormon for an hour every day and I can't tell you how I've truly grown to love the book.  It answers all my questions and helps me with my problems.  When I'm stressed I just read and read and read.  I have to admit I've been feeling very discouraged at times but I know that I can do this.  I have to talk myself through it.  If I can learn Korean I can do anything.  I was never told that a mission would be easy.  This mission is hard, but I know I will get through it and come out such a better person.  One thing I want you all to know.  When there is fear there is no faith.  Fear and faith cannot exist at the same time.  We need to have complete faith.  I know as I embark on this journey I will need complete faith.  I am nervous but I am working to overcome that.  Remember that God loves each and every one of us and WILL always be there when we need him, even through the hard times when we think he's not really there.
     I can't wait for Sunday.  Sundays are always everyones favorite.  We get to listen to music of the Spoken Word by MOTAB.  Then Relief Society with a great speaker.  Then we have an hour break to work on our talks or study the scriptures.  Then we have a devotional with our district and one of the branch presidency members. It's always fun!!  We then have sacrament meeting and it's always scary because we never know who's getting called to talk.  Then after that we go to choir, (which is the best) and then the devotional.  After that we go watch films, like for example, an Elder Holland talk or Elder Bednar talk.  It's so great!
     Last Sunday we were watching an Elder Holland talk and the room was so full that we had to sit on chairs outside the door.  People outside the door were being quite disruptive and no one could hear the talk.  I bravely decided to get up and ask those big elders to please be quiet so we could hear.  I felt so bad to embarrass them but they all immediately shut their mouths.  I didn't know how I had the guts to do it but I did.  You can just picture in your head your little Michelle going up to tell all these cool Elders to please be quiet. It's not like me to do that.
     Well the next time you hear from me I will be in Korea. I can't believe I'm leaving to another country to live, and not only that, but speak korean and sleep on the floor on a 4 inch foam pad like the koreans all do.  It's a new culture, and I have an exciting adventure ahead. I am so excited most of all to learn to love God's special people living in that land.  I have always loved the asian people and now I get this amazing opportunity to spend 16 months living among them and teaching them all about God, and  speaking in their language of korean.  I love all of you and especially my family. Thanks so much for all you do for me.  I will pray for all of you back home.  Please pray for me too?

   Love, Sister Michelle Moyer

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