Friday, December 12, 2014

Dear fam and friends,

     Well I've seen a few decorations and lights up for Christmas, but in general the Korean's don't celebrate it like we do.  They don't even know why we celebrate Christmas.  But there are just a few Christians here and there that understand it.  It's FREEZING!!!!  It is 57 degrees in my apartment right now because our heater is broken, and we have been shivering all day long. Ouch!!  It's packed with snow outside though and it's so pretty.
     So this week we are going to put on a music night again like I did at Clyde Bawden's house on Mondays, and I'll tell you how it goes.  These lessons have really been successful.   Also this week, even in the cold, we are planning to sing in the subway!  I'm so excited, I love it!  On December 20th we are having our zone Christmas party.  They asked me to sing for the entertainment that night, and I have written my own song and arrangement. I did it in just a couple of hours.  I'm also going to sing "Silent Night," Clyde Bawden's arrangement, but with my guitar.  Maybe I'll video it and send it to you.  By the way my iPod broke and I need music badly.  If you could please send me some Christmas c.d.'s (Michael Buble, Motab, etc.) I would love that.
     Well I don't ever think I told you but there are 4 of us in one apartment.  The other 2 sister missionaries sleep next to us in a room.  One of them is just like me and her mom is just like you mother.  It's so funny.  We just laugh about it, but I get a long best with my own companion.
     I love the culture and the people here so much.  If I had to choose the hardest thing of all on this mission though, it would be learning this language.  I can teach my lessons perfectly in Korean, but it's the every day conversations that's the hardest.  But I know that in time I'll get better at it.
     For P-day this week, which is switched to Thursday just this once, we are going to the temple.  Yea! I love going.  Well…..I would say this week was called, "miracle week."  A few weeks ago we were walking in the market, and suddenly we got a call on our phone from this man who was interested in learning English and the gospel.  We freaked out because it was rare to receive  a self referral.  A few minutes later we received another phone call.  We referred them over to the elders and they were able to meet with both of them already.  We couldn't believe it!  One of the guys has already started reading the Book of Mormon every day and seems so interested.  It's a huge miracle!  A few weeks ago that same week my companion and I were finishing up weekly planning, and we were running to the bus to get to our lesson.  When we got to the bus stop we saw this lady standing there so we started talking to her and explained who we were.  When the bus came we both got on, and she sat down by someone else so we couldn't talk to her.  During the middle of the ride she got up and walked over to us and said, " Can I have your number, I would like to meet with you."  We were shocked.  She also gave us her phone number.  No one here EVER just asks for our number.  We called her and she's excited to meet this week.  This kind of thing never happens.  People in Korea think we are really strange, but I LOVE being a missionary.
     The other day we were walking home from an apartment and we started talking to a man who then started saying how we don't believe in Jesus Christ.  He started making an X with his fingers and said that our church is a cult.  I told him, "Of course we believe in Jesus Christ.  He's only the CENTER of our religion."  But…. the man started to get contentious so we had to walk away.  That was pretty sad when you see someone whose heart is so hardened that they can't sense truth and light. 
     I have been reading and studying the Book of Mormon, and have read it through all the way twice since I got here on my mission.  I can't begin to tell you how much I love that book.  I look forward to reading it every day.  I KNOW it is true!!!  I know without a doubt that Joseph Smith did not make up the stories in the Book of Mormon. He did not lie and tell everyone some fabricated story that he saw God.  No uneducated young man could possibly have written this book.  I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon was truly written by prophets who lived in America before and after Christ.  The words were inspired by these good men, as they kept this journal for hundreds of years passing the plates, until they were buried.   I know I can turn to this book for guidance and revelation and it helps me with everything that I go through.  I promise that  if you will read and truly ponder the Book of Mormon every day, you will KNOW of it's power and truthfulness.  I know it is true through the power of the Holy Ghost, and I have had it confirmed to me again and again.  Please everyone, take the time to read it.
     I am so happy to hear that you are all doing great!!  Thank you for writing me each week.  I love hearing from you.  I bet you miss Justin.  I pray for him every day.  It will be such a fun reunion to see him come home after I get home.  I love you soooooooooo much!!!!!!  HUGS and KISSES!!!!

     Love,  Michelle

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