Monday, January 12, 2015

Dear Fam and friends,

     Well I have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that my companion is leaving me and getting transferred:(   We are best friends now and we just cried and cried yesterday when we got the call.  The good news is I am staying in Bupyeoung.:}  I love my area so much and I just love the people here and never want to leave. I am senior of the area now and that should be exciting but very scary. I have been in this city the longest along with one other elder so I am in charge of the area. YIKES!!!  This will be good for me.  I have to know how to get around on all the buses and all the subways. Scary but exciting!!  Transfers are on Wednesday so we are spending our last two days visiting members and investigators.  My companion is broken hearted because she has been in Bupyeoung for 6 months and really has grown to love it here.  She has two more transfers left and she does not want to leave.  We just cry together every time we think about it.  Anyways, my new companions name is Sister Mortensen.  She is super good at the language and is a singer too,  and I think we will be good friends. I am excited to serve with her and she leaves in 3 transfers.

      I want to share an experience that we had this week.  We decided to fast one day for our investigators.  That night after fasting we went out to go proselyting and my companion said, "ok Michelle (Sister Moyer), choose which road to go down." I stood there and silently said a prayer because there were 5 roads to choose from.  I felt to go down a specific road and so we just started walking, and started laughing and talking a long the way. We could not see a single soul on the street until we saw these two students who were girls. They were waiting at a cross walk but we were supposed to walk the other way.  I started talking to them and they just were amazed that we could speak Korean.  They started giggling and smiled, and when the light turned green we just decided to go their way and we followed behind them.  We told them that we teach free English and Jesus Christ's gospel, and right away they asked for our number and if they could meet with us sometime. I was shocked!! No one asks for our number, we ask for theirs. haha  They started to hug us and were beaming with smiles, and started texting us right away.  We are so excited to meet with them next week.  I know Heavenly Father lead us to them through the spirit.  I have learned that without the spirit of God  we can not be successful.  We HAVE to have that sweet spirit of the Holy Ghost with us in our lives to guide us and lead us and I am so grateful to have this understanding.

     Another experience I had was last night.  We just got done with our street boarding activity and we had 15 minutes to get home on time.  We still had to stop by the church and pick up our bags.  On the way home we saw a man fall off his bike and so we stopped and helped him.  We then had 10 minutes left to make it home. We ran and for some reason we made it with 4 minutes to spare. My companion and I made a promise that we would be strictly obedient to every request of our mission president, and that includes being home on time. I LOVE being a missionary and I am learning more every day.  I want you all to know how happy I am to be a missionary and to be serving in Korea.  It is the perfect place for me.

     I have been singing to a lot to our investigators and less active members.  Yesterday, a less active member named Mr. Han, called us up and said, "Hey, can you meet with me and can we meet outside?  Also, can you have Sister Moyer bring her guitar?" haha We sat on a bench in the cold and I sang songs for him.  He wanted me to play the song from the 70's, "Killing Me Softly," so I did.  He loves all the American oldies… was so much fun!!

     A lot of our investigators are students and they love us.  There is one in particular that loves me and I don't really know why.  We have so much fun together though and she is super good at speaking English.  She is 15 years old.  We just play together and love to tease each other all the time. She told me she added me on Facebook and her name is Luby.  She's adorable!! Please get on my Facebook and accept her please.

     We haven't been able to make green smoothies lately because we haven't had much food, but we will start up again this week. I'm so glad that I have never been sick since I've been on my mission.  Every night I write in my journal and I have NEVER missed a night since I started my mission. I love to just write about my day, and the interesting life of living here in Korea.

     Someone asked me to tell them the hardest thing about my mission. Right now the hardest thing is just constantly going and going. I would just love to have a day to sleep, so when I get home that's the first thing I'm going to do. SLEEP!!! haha  Today for p-day we are going with the elders in our district to play screen golf:} Sounds fun but I like to win….those guys better watch out. haha! You know me. Also we have to CLEAN and get ready for transfers on Wednesday.

     Korean food is the best food ever and I will probably eat it all the time when I get home so be prepared. haha  oh and please send pics of the house and of everyone.  I just want to see my house and my room for the last time before you move.  I love you all so much and thank you for all you do for me.    

          Love, Michelle

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