Monday, January 5, 2015

Dear fam and friends,
     It was so fun to talk to you all on Christmas.  I loved hearing all of your voices, and I couldn't help but tear up as I talked to each one of you.  I just imagined how the house would look on Christmas eve and it made me so happy.  Surprisingly I am not homesick during this Christmas time.  Christmas with you will still be there when I get home.
     I want to write about one thing that happened to me the other day.  We are all good so don't worry, but just thought I would share this interesting experience with you.  Yesterday we had church, and during my sunday school class I suddenly had a day time dream or kinda like a vision in my head.   I saw myself at home in our new house, and sitting all alone in my room on the floor.  (not surprised because that's how we sit here haha)  I was going through my stuff and thinking about my mission.  I then realized how I could have tried so much harder and could have done so much better.  I only put in half of my effort.  I was more focused on getting to the end of my mission then focusing on the present.  I then came out from that vision in my head and I realized that the time I have may seem long but it really is soooo short.  This is my time to serve with all my heart!  I chose to come out here and I chose to serve, and He has called me to give all my energy and effort.  This is God's work and His time, so I can not half way do it.  I saved up all my money to pay for this mission and gave up my dreams in music and school to come out here. This is my time to give ALL I have to Him.  Time is precious, and I can not waste it.
     Korea is quite interesting.  The Korean's who are Christian love singing Christmas carols not only before, but after Christmas for days. haha  There are kids everywhere on the street.  I've seen 3 year olds walking across the intersection by themselves. freak out!  There are so many people walking on the streets.  Some of the mothers carry their babies on their backs like they did in olden times wrapped up tight.haha  Someone asked me about their use of guns.  Korea is probably the strictest country when it comes to the use of guns.  Only the ones in military service, body guards of the President, and some government authorized personnel are allowed guns. For the most part korea is very safe, and it's very surprising. They roll their eyes when they speak of Americans and how much violence we have. It's a fascinating culture and I have learned to appreciate these people and their land.
     Well my companion, as you know, accidentally opened up my Christmas presents thinking they were hers, and at the time I thought I didn't get anything, until a few days later when I talked to you on the phone and I put the puzzle together. haha I got them back and she just laughed about it! 
     The song that I sang for the Christmas mission conference, Hallelujah, went amazing!! I can not tell you how many people were raving, and I'm sure it was because they could feel the spirit of Christ in that song. My companion sang harmony and I played it with the guitar.  It was so fun. 
     I have gained about 5 pounds and I'm really worried.  I am definitely working on that one right away! haha  My hair is finally growing back and it's getting much longer, FINALLY!  I miss my blonde hair so much though.  At night when we are laying in our beds we sometimes think about our lives here, and laugh at how awkward the elders are in our district sometimes.  I'm so glad that we as sister missionaries all get along.
     Today for p day we are just RELAXING because we have been stressful with shopping. I am
glad we are NOT playing soccer today with the pastors (in the cold). Whew! I have to re cooperate from last time after kicking the ball out of bounds every time. haha
     I am probably moving to a new area next week because of transfers so I will send the address to you next week if I do. I hope you all have a fun week.  New Years Day is pretty much just the same typical day here for us.  Sorry this email is so short but I will send you some pictures.  Tell Kira that I am soooooooooooooo sorry that I had to cut her off when I was talking to her on the phone.  I felt so bad.  I LOVE YOU KIRA!!!! 
     I love you family!!!! You are soo wonderful!!!
          Love, Michelle

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