Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dear fam and friends,

     Thank you so much for the packages!!!  I LOVED them!  Everyone was just freaking out about how big my packages were.  Thanks for the shoes, clothes, food, and for the amazing Ninja blender!!  What a fun birthday present!!

     This week was great.  We attended the temple and I had a very special moment in there that gave me personal strength to keep carrying on!  I am so thankful for temples.  This week we did an activity as a district after district meeting.  We decided to all go sticker boarding, which is basically us holding up a board saying to the public, "WHEN YOU LEARN ENGLISH WHAT IS THE HARDEST PART?  IS IT GRAMMAR, VOCAB, or PRONUNCIATION?"  Then the Korean people suddenly start flocking to us every time.  It's probably the most successful thing I've ever done so far to bring people to an English class.  We got so many phone numbers and have already met with some people, and we handed out about 300 fliers because everyone wants to learn English.  So the fact that we teach free English makes everyone flock to us to sign up.  This week as we were standing there in the street, this lady walked up to one of the elders in my district and put her face in his face and YELLED at him for 15 minutes.  She started saying, "Why do you come to our country and pollute our people with this church stuff?  You are NOT CHRISTLIKE!!!"  She then started pushing and shoving him and putting her finger in his face.  He was silent the whole time, and then she started walking over to another elder and she started yelling at him.  (I'm glad my younger brother wasn't here because I don't know if he would have stood there completely silent!! haha)  I was stunned at someone behaving like that, and I have never seen anything like it.  The Elders just patiently said, "O.K.HAVE A GOOD DAY!!"  That made her even MORE mad and so she went to the next elder and started screaming at him in his face even more.  People walking by now really avoided us, but there were a few who walked up to us and asked, "What's going on?"  My heart was just pounding and I really felt a horrible feeling in my heart.  This lady finally left after 20 minutes of screaming at the top of her lungs, and then everything resumed back to normal.  Shortly after, a 19 yr. old girl came by for the second time and apologized for the ladies behavior, and she told us to ignore people like that.  She then asked, "What do you guys do?"  We told her and she agreed to meet with us.  A few days later she randomly called us and said, "Hey do you teach your gospel at the English class?"  We said, "No, just English."  She said, "Well I just have a lot of questions about God and Jesus Christ, and I don't have a religion, but have a lot of questions.  Can I talk to you about this after English class?  Oh, and I will bring a friend with me."  We were so excited and couldn't believe it because it is just so rare to find someone who has gospel interest.  We met with her and she asked to meet again with us.  I know that we were in the right place at the right time, and I know the Lord placed us in her path so that she could meet us.  Maybe it took the lady yelling her eyes out to cause this girl to notice us.  The Lord's hand is in this work!

     This whole week was amazing and full of miracles.  We found our previous investigator sitting at the park one day and we got her back.  Her phone apparently was broken for a month and she never  could get in touch with us.  We had 2 investigators now come to church with us on Sunday, and I have had only one investigator my whole mission so far come.  Missionary work is struggling here and very difficult in Korea.  One of the investigators that came to church had similar questions as Joseph Smith, and we told her the entire story of Joseph Smith and his prayer in the Sacred Grove.  The spirit was with us during the lesson and we feel she will progress continually, and we are so excited for her!

     Today for P day we are cleaning because people are coming to inspect the house, and then shopping.  We are also going to do crafts and then SLEEPING! Yes! My favorite thing to do.....I'm so boring huh?   If it wasn't sleeping, I would love to workout and go hiking!!

     So the sister missionaries here are just amazing, but some of them do suffer depression, anxiety, and have some emotional problems to get through, so we have to work with them and help them through it.  My companion and I help motivate each other to keep going, when we have days of
complete exhaustion.

     I love my area but Seoul is amazing and I would love to serve there!  It's probably the coolest  city that I've ever been to or ever will go to.  Transfers are next Wednesday, we get calls on Saturday, and this time anything could happen.  I think my companion will leave but we are hoping to stay together.

     I feel like the Korean language for me is coming along really great.  I have noticed a huge difference in every aspect of the language.  I am not totally fluent, but I've noticed a huge difference in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding.  It's amazing how much you learn just by hearing them speak.

     I use my guitar and sing during the lessons I teach. The Elders are hilarious and are my biggest fans. I just worked with Elder Matt Lant and taught English with him.  Tell his mom he is doing great.

     The Korean teenagers wear mini skirts, and tennis shoes with EVERYTHING!!!  Another thing they do here is deliver McDonald's to your house.  All the Koreans go crazy over McDonalds!!  There's tons of them here!!  I think they like a break from eating silkworms, which I see sold on the streets here everyday! haha! 

     I can't wait to meet all of my new ward members and the stake presidency in my new ward there in Arizona when I get back.  I bet they are all awesome people!  Tell Jason Barney hi for me.  Can you send me his email address?  I need to ask him questions about music.

     I have been praying so hard this week for all of you, and I'm so happy you are well daddy!  I am planning to skype with you at a members house on Sunday for Mother's Day.!  She is American and we go visit her often.  She always lets the missionaries skype on Mother's day and Christmas, so no worries.  I am so excited to talk to you all and see you!!

     I love all of you so much and will always continue to pray for you.  LOVE YA!!
                            Love Michelle

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