Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dear family and friends,

     So for p day today we are just cleaning, because four sister missionaries in a house make it really dirty.  haha.  Last week we played a fun board game with the elders and we all had lunch together. It was such a blast!  I just want you to know how much I love living here in Korea!  I try not to think about coming home in about 6 months because it gets me trunky, but it also scares me a little.  Time is passing by way too fast!

     I am so sad to hear that two of our amazing apostles, Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder Packer, have passed away.  I know they are in a better place though, but I am very sad that they are gone. My health is doing amazing, but I have to say my feet just hurt and I have terrible blisters, but that's the only problem I have right now so I'm very grateful.:)

     So I want to tell you a few things that happened this past week. We visited an investigator that begged us to teach the lesson in English, and I can not describe to you how strong the spirit was in that room as we taught her all about the Atonement.  She didn't understand why Jesus would sacrifice his life, and how someone could even do that.  The whole time she just kept asking WHY would Jesus Christ do that?  We had the opportunity to explain the significance of the Atonement and why Jesus Christ did that for us.  We got to tell her that it's all because Heavenly Father wants us to come back to Him, because he loves us so deeply.  Only through the Atonement and Resurrection can we do that.  The spirit was so strong as we testified to her how much He loves her and her family.  This woman's eyes filled up with tears and she very quietly said, "I understand now."

     Another day we met with an investigator who has a hard time keeping commitments, and we were EXTREMELY BOLD with love, and it FINALLY hit her why she needs to keep her commitments and commandments.  Friday was the CRAZIEST DAY EVER!!!!!  This was the day we got "set up……..literally set up!"  We met a woman in a bathroom a few days back and she thought we were so nice that she wanted to meet with us………….big mistake!  I was a little apprehensive about her because she acted TOO NICE.  People that are over smily are avoided in Korea. hahaha!! We decided to go ahead and meet with her 2 days later in a cafe for lunch.  Suddenly she walked in and sat down, and the very first thing she said was, "So… you believe in God?"  I knew at that instant that this was going to turn into a "bashing session."  After 10 minutes of interrogating us, I asked her if she would like some food.  She said, "No, I'll just eat off of yours!"  While we were ordering  our food I said to my companion, "Lets order something very small and get out of here……I mean lets beat it!  haha!  We turned around and saw the lady quickly call her "church" friend to come help her out.  We all sat down and she began to ask us ridiculous questions.  For example, "How many books are in the Bible, and how many times have you even read the Bible?"  I was beginning to be fed up with her questions and would just ask the same question right back to her. The questions I didn't know the answers to, she didn't know either, and she began rolling her eyes at me because I would throw questions right back at her.  Soon I was not smiling at her, and I probably looked frustrated.  haha!  She was getting really upset with me because I wasn't quite understanding all of her Korean, with her speaking so fast.  Then sure enough her friend came into the cafe and started asking questions about the second coming like, "When will Jesus come again, and how many people will be raised up?  Do you even know?"  I told her of course no one knows and that she had no idea either.  I then stopped these ladies and said, "Ok…..This is not our purpose, to argue doctrine.  If you want to meet with us we will share our message about our church, but we are not here to debate!"   The women said yes we understand, and yet they kept on going with questions to ensnare us.  I stood up and said,  "We are leaving and this is not why we are here."  They said, "Oh we just love you SOOOO much…….and tried to give us big hugs."  I was thinking inside,  "You just met us ladies, and just tried to bash our religion.  YOU DON'T LOVE ME!!"   We left, and I had this sick feeling inside the rest of the day.  As hard as that was I am so grateful that I got to stand up for our religion and defend the basic principles and doctrine.  It was a HUGE testimony builder to me.

     On Saturday we got to go to a park and proselyte there.  There was a sweet old man who was sitting on a bench.  We sat next to him and told him of who we were and why we were in Korea, and then we gave him a Book of Mormon.  He started reading the introduction to the man sitting next to him, and the old man then turned back and  looked at us and asked, "Do you think I could have this?"  We happily said yes.  I love being a missionary!!!  I love this gospel!!

    Sunday was Fast Sunday and we also had ZERO food in our house.  It was the end of the week and we just had nothing left.  I had a little bit of bread that an investigator had given me left in my purse, so I told all the sisters that we could all eat that for dinner.  When we got to church a member walked up to us out of the blue and said, "Hey missionaries, would you all like to come to my house for dinner tonight?"  We all 4 missionaries looked shocked, and then shouted for joy because we knew we had no food in the house.  hahaha! MIRACLE!!

     President Morrise has taught us to really study and understand the Preach My Gospel manuel, so that we can be very equipped to teach.  I am so thankful for his great leadership, and I have learned so much from him.  By the way……. I haven't been getting Justin's emails every week so please send them to me.  I write Justin occasionally. :)  

    Someday I want to  come back and visit my mission, and hopefully I can bring you guys with me!    I love you all so much and really love reading your letters!!  Thanks for the support everyone!!

                         Lots of love, Michelle

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