Wednesday, July 15, 2015

                                           MICHELLE GOES BLONDE                                                  FOLKS!!!

Dear fam and friends,

     Well first things first...........Are you ready?  I AM BLONDE again!! 
A couple missionary here happened to have 3 years of blonde bleach and she gave it to me, and I was just dying to go back to the color I had before my mission.  I can't trust the salon's here, and  I remembered how the hair stylist did my hair, so I actually did it my own self a few days ago.:)  I'll send you all some pics.

     This week was amazing!!  Time is going by fast and I am determined to work HARD till the end of my mission!!   I love being a missionary more than anything, and I don't even want to think about where I would be without going through this amazing experience.  I recommend everyone who possibly can to go on a mission.  If you are thinking about whether or not to go, just know that it's the greatest work you can do, and your life will be blessed forever because of it!!

     On Monday we got to relax at home all day, and that alone in itself was a miracle! haha!  Later we had a lesson with our investigator which went really well, and she said she wants to be baptized.  Hopefully we will see!!

     On Tuesday we had MLC.  Returned missionaries probably know about this meeting.  All the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders got together with our mission president and received further training.  It lasted the whole day but it was so much fun!!!  I always learn a lot and am filled with the spirit more at these meetings.

     The next day my companion and I were on the subway and we said hi to these middle school aged girls.  They started laughing SO HARD that they all literally fell completely on the floor in hysterics.  Everyone around us on the subway started laughing at us and smiling!!   We must really be funny lookin Americans, but they were so cute!!  I love KOREA!!!  After we left the subway we went out to eat with our less active and recent convert.  We were having a good time when I turned around to get something and there were three cute Korean high school students.  I said hi to them and they immediately started talking to us.  They told me how much they wanted to talk to us earlier but were scared.  One Korean girl in particular spoke fluent English.  She had lived in Canada for a year and loved talking with foreigners.  She told us she was Christian and was looking for a good Christian church.  We told her about ours and she asked if there were girls there her age, and we told her there are many.   She told how she would LOVE to come and she had free time on Sundays.  We are really excited to see if good things will come from this.:)  I'll let you know next week..........(to be continued.........haha!)

      Thursday was stressful but it ended up really good.  We had zone Training and (don't tell anyone haha!) but I don't really like Zone Training because we have to train IN KOREAN!!!!  It's VERY intimidating but I learn a lot.  Anyways it went well and I was happy to be done with that.  Later that night we had a lesson with our investigator.  We were teaching her about The Gift of The Holy Ghost and Baptism, and her best friend was in the room who is a member.  Let me tell you how much I love member lessons!!  They do wonders!! The spirit was there and this 23 year old woman is preparing herself to receive her own confirmation to be baptized.  She has a radiant spirit about her and we are praying for this miracle.

     On Friday we got to go on exchanges with some sisters, and I got to go with a girl from Australia, and I just loved listening to her accent all day.  We had so much fun together.  We accidentally  stopped at the wrong apartment on our way to a members house for a meal appointment, and the lady in the apartment stepped out to show us and guide us the correct way there.  She was so sweet and she just listened to us telling her all about ourselves, and why we are in Korea.  Then she asked a lot of questions about our religion.  When we finally reached the correct apartment, this lady reached into her bag and pulled out a HUGE BAG of cherries she had just bought, and said, "Please enjoy these and share them with your friends."  I was so touched by her kindness, and realized once again that serving blesses our life as well as others.

     We always go to the same park to go proselyting every week, and we weren't there more than 60 seconds before this old man called us over and asked us to please sit down.  I thought he was going to be SUPER CREEPY but we actually ended up having a conversation about the Book of Mormon with him.  I got to explain what our religion is all about.  Then the old man said, So if I want to believe in the Book of Mormon, what do I do?"  I told him that he can meet with the missionaries, read the Book of Mormon, come to church, and then later be baptized.  He said, "Please come next week at this same time and teach me?"  I will come to your church later, but first I want to read the book, and you teach me things each week."  The Lord has prepared people all over the world.  We need to find them, and that's why I am here, and we can only find them by the help of the spirit of God.  I was so grateful that we were there at the time that we were.

      SUNDAY was the Biggest miracle of all!!!  Sunday morning I had a strong feeling to TEXT our investigator, asking her once again to come to church, even though she already told me she couldn't come.  I texted her and we received no reply.  In the middle of Gospel Doctrine class we got a call from her.  I thought she was going to say that she couldn't come, but she ended up telling us that SHE WAS AT THE CHURCH and there was no parking spot.  My comp and I looked at each other in shock, and yet so happy!  We left to find her and brought her in just in time for Sacrament meeting.  She sat down and looked stunned at our meeting.  She learned a lot, but at the end when we asked her how she felt, she said, "I felt so much peace.  There was NO CLAPPING......but just peace.  I really liked it!!"  YES!!!  Her heart was softened and our prayers were answered, and that was her first time to feel pricked and we have been praying and praying for this very thing to happen.

     Just so you know.......I'M SO JEALOUS YOU GUYS GOT TO GO SEE LADY ANTEBELLUM AND HUNTER HAYS IN CONCERT!!!  I still love you though! haha!!  I haven't gotten the p90x box yet but it should be at the mission home.....I'm going there soon, no worries.

     Today we are going ice skating with a bunch of missionaries!! So excited!  The weather here right now is SO HOT AND SOOOOOOOO HUMID!!!  It's been raining for the past 40 hours.  Haha!! Every second of the day I'm dripping with sweat, and it is SO GROSS, and it's hard to sleep, but it's o.k.  I'm enduring it. :) The physical challenge that I have right now.........don't freak out........uhh......just my feet.  I got ring worm on them.  I don't have a worm, but it's just a fungus......yuck!  Missionaries sometimes get this apparently.

     Lately I have been using my guitar and singing in a lot of lessons I teach, and the Young Women's president asked me to sing in Young Women's yesterday.  It was nice to be back with the young girls again.  I miss those years, and my amazing leader Sister Finter.

     The Koreans number one sport is soccer, and baseball is second. In September will be a Korean holliday which is sort of like our Thanksgiving.  Super excited for that!  One of the favorite American music groups here and singers are Maroon 5, and John Denver.  They just love American music, and especially those singers. 

     If I could say 4 things that I have learned on my mission that I want to incorporate for the rest of my life, it would be  1. Be obedient   2. Go to bed early and arise early   3. Always strive to love everyone   4. Be thankful and happy.  When I get home I want to study the scriptures and church books every day without fail!  I also want to give service to someone everyday, talk about the gospel more to people, and SING inspirational songs at my gigs.  (maybe even some gospel songs)  My testimony has grown so much  and I really want to continue being a missionary wherever I go.

     I am running out of time, but I want you all to know I LOVE YOU so much and look forward to talking with you again!!!!


      Lots of love, Michelle

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