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             MISSION LIFE IN KOREA.........................

Dear family and friends,

     It was so good to hear from all of you.  This week was such a great one!  For p day last week we got to go ice skating as a whole zone.  It was SOOOOOOOOOO fun!!!!!  I haven't been ice skating in forever.  Then that night we had a big dinner with a members family, and it was a great day.:)  Today would be p day but instead we are going to the temple on Thursday, so that's going to be our p day instead.

     About the bleaching..........because you guys have a lot of questions.:)   Well, my whole mission so far I've never felt like ME even though I got quite used to the brown hair.  I heard about the opportunity to use the American bleach that was offered to anyone, and I just HAD to do it.  Maybe I jumped into it too fast, but I got too excited to just try going back to me again.  One of the sister missionaries helped me with the tin foil, by holding the back pieces and putting the tin foil on them for me.  She would find hairs I missed, which helped a lot.  I LOVE being blonde again but I still need to do some more touch ups on the bottom. I did my hair after planning one night, and we had a whole hour left after our work, which was fine with the mission president.  I finished the rest of my hair early in the morning before planning.  Some of the sister missionaries and elders that had seen me blonde when I first came, freaked out.  They said, " You tricked us before with your sudden change to brown hair, and now you did it AGAIN!! "  hahaha  The members LOVE my hair and always tell me they are so jealous.  That's not why I bleached it.:)  The students in Korea here are not allowed to dye or bleach their hair and so they all rave about it.  It's so funny how much they love American blondes, and just American's in general. 

      I'm seriously thinking about my companion and I going out to the subway or a park soon,  and play some fun music which hopefully will attract people, and that will be a way to invite them to the music night which I'm planning August 8th.  I haven't sung at the parks for awhile,  and since the weather is warm it's a good time to start that up again.  YES!!!

     I want to tell you of a simple but sweet experience that we had while English "sticker boarding," which is a way for us to get people to come to a free English class.  My comp and I were standing  by the side of the road and waiting for people to pass by so we could talk with them.  Behind me was a girl about in her early twenties, who was in the corner smoking.  I watched from a distance as my companion walked up to her and asked her if she would stick a sticker on the board.  She shyly said yes, and started conversing with my companion.   Next thing I knew my companion was getting her number, and the girl said she'd love to meet.  It turned out to be that she lives in the other mission area right next to us, but that's ok.  A soul is a soul right, and we will see where this goes.:)  Point of the story is that no matter who they are, everyone deserves a chance.

     Last week on Wednesday night, we had a MEMBER lesson who was struggling in her life.  It started out to be the most awkward lesson EVER and it was all my fault.  I'm going to blame the fact that it was in ENGLISH.  haha!  (our investigator insisted on me giving her the lesson in English.)  I CAN'T TEACH IN ENGLISH!!!  hahaha!  We were teaching about repentance, and long story short it actually turned out really good, and she ended up not being scared anymore of changing her life and going through the process of repentance. :) HOORAY

     On Thursday we had a member help us out by sitting during a lesson with one of our progressing investigators.  We are so happy with this woman because she is moving very very close to baptism.  We are just waiting for her to get her confirmation that this church is true.  In the meanwhile, we are trying to help her receive that sweet answer that comes with a warm peace, and swelling motions in your heart.  I love her so much as a person, and hope you get to meet her someday.:)  Please everyone pray for her.

     Friday we had an experience that was interesting.  This member from the ward called us the other day and referred her less active sister to us.  We set up an appointment for today and went over there.  We walked in not knowing what was going on.  The lady we were to meet with was 70 years old, and her daughter opened the door.  Apparently the 70 year old (grandma) is an inactive member, and her daughter is a strong member but her husband has never joined.   Also the couple has a 16 year old daughter who was baptized in the U.S five years ago, and her little eight year old son is not a member.  This mom said to me, " I have to go run an errand right now, but PLEASE baptize my son!!!!"  We are so excited to now be working with this beautiful family.:)

     On Saturday we met with our favorite less active this night and she invited her BEST friends over before we got there.  We all sat down and introduced this wonderful church to them and explained to them what we believe in.  One lady said, "If I wanted to be Mormon what would I have to do?"  I told her that you meet with us and we can teach you.  We are going to meet her next week.:)  MIRACLE!!!

     This last Sunday we had 3 people that SAID they would come to church but no one came.:(  Next week FOR SURE!  Later at church this member came up to us and asked us if we could help the sisters in the ward.  We said of course we would be happy to.  He said, "Their bodies are REALLY hurting and they all need massages."   hahaha!   Strangest request I've EVER received, but it's a good thing I worked for a physical therapist doing massaging as my job  a few years before my mission.  Massaging has always been a natural for me, and so next week we will be giving massages to several women in the ward..............that will be VERY interesting............but I'm really excited.:)

     I love my companion, but not everyone has the ideal personality match when you are called to live with them, but I'm assuming I am just as hard for her.  Everyone is fine, and in two weeks is transfers again.  My companion will for sure be transferred out, and everyone is saying to me that I will probably be called to train, but secretly I don't want to, mainly because I don't feel like I can do that.  haha!  There are 9 sister missionaries leaving and 10 coming in sooooo's going to be a crazy one.  To get rid of stress here, I usually work out a TON, or sleep a TON, when I  can, but right now I have to push through things and just keep going, even when it's very stressful.  Luckily I will be getting the p 90x box tomorrow at the mission office when I go.

     I'm so excited because next week I will be singing at our big stake meeting on Saturday. Anytime I can use my music brings me so much happiness here.  I love listening to David Archuletta's song, Glorious, and I play it every day.  Truly beautiful music enlightens my soul.

     So I thought I would give you guys a little more insight about Korea that you might feel is interesting. (this is a quote from my former companion)    "In Korea you're a really lucky missionary if you have ONE baptism........... and extremely fortunate to have two baptisms.  It's a really difficult mission, and things happen in the Lord's time, when those people are ready.  It's really hard on the missionaries, because they immediately think it's because THEY aren't good enough or working hard enough.  It's a pretty humbling experience, and can be very very discouraging.  Korea is very different than what I thought it would be when I got here, but Korea is the MOST religious place I've ever even heard of!  In just one block there are at least five VISIBLE churches.........and every church has their own missionaries........and those missionaries literally stalk people on the street, and will grab their arm and command them to believe in Christ.  So people don't like missionaries over here, and on top of that they don't like the church.  They see our name tag and immediately either talk about us to the surrounding people, about how evil we are and that we are a cult, or they will rudely ignore us, or bible bash with us.  Koreans are so busy and the MOMENT they feel any sort of pressure, they drop you as a missionary.  It's a tough mission to proselyte in.  The people as a whole are AMAZING and respectful, kind, and generous..........but the work is hard.  But.......God is so gracious and gives us blessings and miracles here and there."

      Korea is amazing, and the people are so caring!  I love them as a people, and I know that God is fully aware of each of them, and wants them to have the understanding and truth taught to them of the gospel.    It was sooooo good to hear from my dear family today!!!!   I love you all so much and look forward to reading your emails each week.  When I go to the temple on Thursday I will keep you all in my prayers.:
                              Love, Michelle

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