Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Dear family and friends,

     It's finally getting close to fall weather and I can actually wear cardigans now.  It's cold at night and in the morning it's wonderful:)  The gnats have been going away slowly because they're mainly here in the summer. YAY!!  I LOVE THE FALL!!  So here's a run down of my daily schedule:  Every morning we get up at 6:15 a.m. to go running, and we have personal study at 8 am. and companionship study at 9:00.  Because I'm training we do an extra companionship study from 10:00 to 11:00 am., and then language study from 1100 to 12:00, and we are out by 1:00 pm. working and tracting.  We are usually home by 9:00 or 9:30, and then we are in bed by 10:30.

     So for P day today an Elder in our district who is finishing his mission this week asked if we could all hang out for his last time, and that should be fun.  We are still advised to talk to as many people as possible even on P-day, and it ends for us at 6:00 pm. Last week we did this HUGE music proselyting activity with our whole zone, and I was assigned to play the guitar and sing while others talked to people, and it was a blast!  We had a lot of success and I felt like I was back at home singing again for people.

     Well this week has been a lot better than last week in terms of success.  We have been working harder to find new investigators and we finally found some who will listen to our message.:)

     On Monday we decided to  call some potential investigators off the list we had.  The missionaries met them three to four years ago, so the third person on the list allowed us to come over to her house.  We set up an appointment and this week we were able to visit.

     Tuesday we met our investigator and walked into her house.   It was so small I could barely move, and seriously it was the smallest house I have EVER seen.  It was so humble though and cozy.  This lady is 71 years old and has no religion in her life.  As we talked and got to know each other, suddenly I could hear this BIG fight outside her door.  A GRANDMA and GRANDPA were fighting and actually ended up fist fighting, with their TV also blasting really loud.  I was just grateful that the TV was helping to block out the noise from the horrible fight from the old people.  haha!  It was really distracting from the spirit that was in the room.  They eventually turned off the TV and the fight eventually died down.  We were able to share our message in peace:}  Our investigator is the sweetest woman and has so much potential.

     In Korea there are a billion taxi cabs and we ride in them when we are late to something.  Normally we walk and take the bus, but when we do we always have the best conversations with the taxi drivers.  As we travel along we often times see Korean Military.  When we go shopping we go to the mart and the Koreans get so many unusual foods.   They buy a lot of dried things, and also fish, squid, and octopus.  Their desserts are healthier than the Americans because they focus on fruit.  They have this dessert called "bing so" (not sure how to spell it in English) but it's sooooooo delicious!!  It's basically snow cone ice, and mostly fruit with a little ice-cream.:)  I love my ninja blender because I just make smoothies and that's great for me.

     One of the other sister missionaries that we live with is being transferred on Wednesday to another area, and she is really a good friend of mine and was in my district at the MTC.  I'm going to really miss her.  

      TO MY FAMILY:   I just want to take the time today to apologize for not writing each of you personally in the past.  I really don't have any excuse.  I really do love all of you and I hope as you read this letter that you will feel of my love all the way over here from Korea.  Believe it or not I think about you all every day.  I pray for you and put your names in the temple every six weeks.  Being on a mission I have realized soooooo many things, and especially my weaknesses, but also my strengths.  Over these past 13 months I have really learned so much on how to be a better member of the church, a better citizen, and hopefully a better wife and mother some day.  My eyes have been opened to so many new things and I have realized how stupid I was when I was a teenager and even up to my twenties.  I sometimes am still that crazy girl that maybe doesn't think about things before I do things.  I get offended or sad, or maybe mad or frustrated, but no matter what weaknesses I have, I found that when I turn to God in prayer, scripture study, and trying to keep the commandments, or anything else, it's crazy………I feel so much better and my weaknesses start to become strengths.  One thing that I have been trying to focus on is feeling the spirit EVERY DAY!    I was studying in the book Preach My Gospel, and also the Book of Mormon and was reading about Ammon.  I realized that because he was obedient he was blessed with the spirit and was able to teach King Lamoni with power and authority.  So I came to the conclusion that on my mission and off of my mission as well,  I need to ALWAYS strive to be obedient to every commandment.   On my mission it means the commandments as well as being obedient to all the mission rules.  Some of them are hard and I don't like them, but I know they are important.  I have been really praying to Heavenly Father to bless me with His spirit, and when I can feel it I can overcome temptation better, and feel more motivation to do missionary work.  I know back home it is really hard for people to feel the spirit because of worldly things all around, but I realize that we should try to never go a day without doing something to draw closer to God so that we can FEEL HIM in our lives.  

     I love you sooooo much and I am sorry if this email doesn't sound like me.  I promise it is,:)  I have come to the knowledge of so many wonderful things that I am so excited to share them with you!!  My biggest regret is that I wish I knew this when I was a teenager.  OH how I regret that!!
I love you all dearly and pray for you every day.:)  I can't wait to show you all KOREA!:)  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU  SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!  

                                           Have a great week!:) !!!!!!!  Love, Michelle

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