Wednesday, September 30, 2015


                        GOTTA BE BOLD!!!

To my dear family and friends,

     i love you all so much and I always have a smile on my face when I read your emails.  Well some exciting news……My companion and I just got transfer calls THREE weeks early, and we got them this morning.  The other sisters living with us are both leaving, and one is finishing her mission.  The other one is going to Temple Square Mission, so that means that brand new missionaries that do not even know this area will be coming in this next transfer.   It was a big problem because the sister missionaries leaving had many progressing investigators.  So our President called me this morning and told me that he wants my companion to start going on splits in the other area so she can meet everyone and then the next transfer will move to that area.  I have never seen this happen before but in three weeks it should be very interesting.  It looks like I am the  only one of the four sister missionaries in my house that will be staying in my area.  I will probably be here for the rest of my mission….anyways…..I will keep you updated on that.

     This week was sooooo fun and very rejuvenating.  We had a two day conference and I learned a ton.  I met so many new missionaries and got to talk to all of my friends.  Our President wanted to see how many people we could talk to during the two days, and on the way to the conference we sat down next to this one lady.  I instantly thought, "You need to say hi to her," and so pushing out my fear I said HI.  She didn't say anything and that's always the most awkward part.  So I said it again hoping she would realize I existed.  She looked slowly over at me and gave me that look like, "Uhh do I know you?  YOU ARE SO WEIRD!!:"  I smiled and she turned her head and went back to looking at her cell phone.  I said, "So where are you going?"  She then said very quietly, "I'm going to (place)……," and then she turned back at her phone again.  I just started telling her where I was going and I am pretty sure she was thinking in her head, "Why is this girl talking to me……..she doesn't even know me.  She looks strange too."  As I was talking to her she then started to smile and then all of sudden she burst into laughter, and ended up asking me all kinds of questions.  I would finish the answer and she would just keep on asking me everything about myself.  OH HOW THE TABLES TURNED…….hahaha!  Anyways we got along really well and I was able to tell her all about us missionaries and what we believe.  She took my number and thanked me for talking with her.  She ended up not being truly interested in the gospel but little did I know that while she was talking with me a lady sitting across from us was deeply listening and watching us the entire time.  As soon as she left the subway this woman got up to leave and put her hand out to me and said, "Please give me your name card?"  I quickly handed her one and she hurried off of the train.  I realized that because I opened my mouth to one person, someone else noticed and started listening.  I have never been the best at opening my mouth without fear, but when I do I always see miracles.:)  That was one of many miracles we saw that day.

     So in Korea we just celebrated a huge holiday which is similar to Thanksgiving in the United States.  It's so big that no one comes out, and the streets are vacant and the shops are all closed.  Because of that we had the two day conference at the mission home. Once again I will tell you……. it was a blast!!!!!  Everyone from the whole entire mission was there and we had training.  Then on Friday night we had a huge talent show.  Some sisters asked me to sing with them and we sang, "The Olive Tree."  One sister missionary translated it so it was really cool to sing it in the Korean language.    So many missionaries ended up asking me why I didn't sing a solo in the talent show.  I had my choice and I chose instead to sing a solo to open the testimony meeting.   I sang, "Come See The Light," written by Jason Barney and sung by Freddie Ashby originally on You Tube.  It was written really low and perfect in my range, and we played the slideshow and video of Christ as I sang.  Everyone said they felt the spirit so strong and some people were crying.  That song means so much to me and I was so grateful for the opportunity given to me by our mission president to sing it.  It went really really well and I will show you a video of it when I get home.

     The other day I was on exchanges and we were walking back to the church.  This man was on his motorcycle and was stopped in front of our church house.  We have a sign right in front of our church that talks about receiving salvation.  He suddenly called us over and asked me if he could receive salvation when he dies.  I said YES OF COURSE, and he asked how?  I told him by following Jesus Christ and being baptized.  I thought for a moment that this was some miracle but it was not, and he then said, "NO YOU CAN'T!!!! SHOW ME IN THE BIBLE WHERE YOU CAN?"  I didn't have a bible on me and didn't know what to say, so I said, "Well we believe in the bible but ALSO in the Book of Mormon."  Right at that moment the Elders showed up behind us and one of them was Korean, and knew the bible inside and out.  He immediately knew exactly what verse to show this man and he opened up the bible to it.  This man sitting on his motorcycle  ended up telling us that he has been praying for his ancestors to somehow receive salvation, but he didn't know how they would be able to have that when he knew it was impossible.  We told him that he could receive salvation and eternal life with his family and EVERYONE has that chance, but they just need to follow Jesus Christ.  He then grabbed the Book of Mormon from my hands and put it behind his back and said, "Without the Book of Mormon can you receive salvation?"  The elder then replied, "NOPE."  The man completely freaked out and just went CRAZY!!!  It was a really cool experience for us as missionaries to then testify and defend what we believe.  I am so grateful for this happy plan and to know that God loves all of his children and not just some of them.  He wants all of us to come back to Him, and that's why Jesus Christ atoned for us so we can someday.  This gospel is true and I love defending my religion!:)

     My companion has helped me in every aspect of the Korean language, spelling, writing, speaking, texting, and understanding and sounding Korean.  She has made a huge impact in my ability to speak, and I always try and copy her intonation and pronunciation. She is awesome!!  i have also been introduced to amazing Korean food here and I wish I would have known about it 10 years ago.

     For p day we are going to the temple on Thursday so today is a work day.  Normally if I had to pick something to do on p day, it would be going bike riding down by the river and out to lunch.  I have never visited a Korean museum since I was a greenie, but I'll tell you one thing……I'm scared about ever going into one of those Korean bath houses again! hahaha!

     Looking back I don't know why I didn't understand the Korean language.  Once it clicked in my brain it made perfect sense.  The Korean language is very hard but it actually is very logical.  I think the English language would be  so much harder to learn. 

     I am so physically tired and sometimes don't know how I get up every morning at 6:00 a.m. I know that as I worry about the work of the Lord and leave my health in His hands I will be ok.  I just look forward to sleeping for a VERY LONG TIME.:)   By the way my ring worm on my feet came back and I have to go back to the hospital this week to get more medicine.  My feet continually have blisters but I just deal with the pain.  Someone asked if I could EVER just wrap up in a warm blanket and sit on the couch and relax and read, and just ponder during the day?  The answer is no! NEVER!!  Unless on P day but that has never happened!  

     Taekondo is the most famous sport here in Korea, and I see and hear kids doing it all the time.  They LOVE soccer and baseball a lot here as well.  Because Christianity isn't the most popular religion in Korea, and because Buddhism goes so far back in their cultural tradition, it is hard to get baptisms. I love the people, but just like in America, the Koreans have hardened their hearts more.  By the way at night when we are walking home so many Koreans are drunk, and in the day time just about every where people are drinking and just do not have enough interest in spiritual matters.   I love them but I think they used to be more humble.  It's truly the last days.

     I am really trying to be less selfish and stop thinking about how I might feel badly if the people here say no to me when I approach them, and I end up feeling stupid if they reject me.  I am just being bold and opening my mouth!  I HAVE GOT TO FIND THOSE PREPARED PEOPLE!!!

     Conference doesn't get to Korea until a week after it actually comes out, but I am excited to get to see all the sessions.  Recently an elder in our district just finished his mission and his parents came here and picked him up.  I have heard of a lot of parents doing that but I'm not sure I would want that.

     I love you all so much and I am the luckiest to have such an amazing family.  Hope you all are doing well!!!

                                                             Lots of Love, Michelle

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