Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Dear family and friends,

     This week went great, even though we ended up not having very many lessons taught.  There is just something I felt this week that I have never felt before, and that is an incredible amount of joy that I cannot describe!  Even though I am SO TIRED, I felt like jumping up in the air and screaming, "I LOVE BEING A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS!"  I basically did jump and scream as I said it to my companion!:)   I love you all so much and most importantly my Heavenly Father, and Savior Jesus Christ.  I love this work and I can tell you without any doubt that this Gospel is true and that Jesus Christ LIVES!!  I know He does!

     Well I have some exciting news!!!  A general authority is coming to speak to our entire mission at the end of this week.  Our mission president's wife called me and asked me to be in charge of the musical number to perform.  I was so shocked that I was chosen to do this and really am concerned, and it has to be amazing!!  Mother..... I have a big favor to ask of you.  I thought of the song, "My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee," written by Rob Gardner.  Can you please look it up or find it somewhere and send it to me as fast as possible?  If you need to ask Rob Gardner himself please do it.  I NEED HELP!!!!  Thanks so much.

     I want to tell you all of an interesting experience that happened a few days ago.  My companion and I were walking back to the church and we just finished watching the General Women's Session.  We suddenly ran into a member, and I asked her what she thought of the Women's meeting.  Then she said, "It was really hard to understand.........and do you think it's o.k. if a member like me can meet with the missionaries?"  I could tell by the sound of her voice that she had questions in her mind, and so I told her sure and we started to walk to the church.  As my comp and I sat and talked with this member,  all of a sudden the Elders called us and told us to please come now to their place and pick up something that someone left for a box.  We excused ourselves for just a few minutes and told her we would be right back, and then we ran quickly down the street.  The street turned into a very steep hill and there in the dark was an old lady pushing a HUGE cart full of boxes.  She made it half way up the hill, but then suddenly stopped and struggled with all her strength.  We found her trying with all of her might, but she was not moving anywhere.   We noticed her as we were running and we stopped to help her.  We pushed the cart up the hill for her and then noticed that she strangely had pus all around her wrists.  She looked up at me and smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen, and then embraced me.  She was so thankful for us, and we were very happy we could help her.  We asked her to wait on the hill while we went to get something and that we would be right back, but when we got there she was gone.  We believe we will see her again.....but meanwhile our member friend was waiting as well to talk to us.  We came in breathing VERY heavily and told her all that had happened.  It was an eventful night.  Haha!  It  was so strange that we got this random phone call from the elders to leave right then and pick up a box.  I thought,  "What if no one was there, and what would have happened to this woman if we hadn't have shown up?"  The cart would have pushed her down the hill and would have crushed her.  I felt so good as I walked home that night, knowing that we were able to give service once again to someone in need.:) 

     Today for P day we are going to my greenie's favorite area to go shopping!!  It's a HUGE shopping mall.  I want to get some things for Christmas for you all while I'm there. You don't need to buy me anything for Christmas unless it's some healthy snacks and some makeup, because I will only have a little over 2 months and then I'll be home.  Oh by the way as you know my ring worm has come back and what happened was that I ran out of medicine so that's why.   But I'm going to the hospital some time this week to get more.

     I have been trying to learn patience when so many people cancel on us or don't answer their phone.  Sometimes it is easy to feel like you are not successful when this happens.  Lately I have been telling members when they ask us to meet with them that we would love to but please no dinner.  Then I just hope and pray that they don't serve it,  but they usually do anyway.  We are trying to eat our own dinners at home because we eat less and healthier.  I've already lost 5 pounds by doing that.  

     The other sister missionary in our house is now training a Korean as well, and the other day while they were on the bus with us, her Korean companion tried to speak some English.  She suddenly blurted out, " I want to bear a son!"  Hahaha!  She was trying so hard to speak properly and she was so serious about it, but it was really funny. 

     Korean people  come up to me all the time, and just about every day, and the first thing they ask me is what state of the U.S. am I from?  I just love these Korean people, and even though I honestly would LOVE to have been transferred and had a change,..........I'm fine.  I like to think that I don't really like the process of packing up and moving any way.:) 

     The first year I wrote in my journal faithfully every night and for the past few months have forgotten and so I am trying to catch up.  To answer your question about the piano, yes I play the piano every week in Relief Society, but not in Sacrament Meeting because there are so many Koreans that play the piano.

     It is so scary to think that I will be leaving Korea very soon.  It's become a way of life here.  i know I say this over and over but I just love this gospel and being a missionary!  I love all of you so much, and hope you all are doing great.  Can't wait to hear from you next week.
                                    Love Michelle

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