Thursday, November 26, 2015


Dear family and friends,

     Well I have some exciting news!  I am serving with Sister An again, and she is the Korean girl I trained.  She is just an angel, and was really raised well from her parents and is so kind and sweet.  I will explain why she is a companion of mine.  There was a Korean sister missionary who fell down the stairs and got seriously hurt recently so she had to go home.  We had 5 girls in our house at the time, three sisters serving in an area, and then my companion and I in our area.  The Korean sister I had trained went to the other area but was still living with me in this same house.  So they sent one sister from our house  to the area of the sister that went home, which made it then 4 sisters left in our house.  Then Sister AN's companion got her visa and went to the Temple Square Mission ( where she had been called to )   so that meant Sister An had no companion.  So right now for 2 weeks SISTER AN, and SIster Daley and I are serving together in two areas, and let me tell you it's a BLAST!  I have never been in a tri-companionship but it's so fun!  We are so busy but I'm really happy!  We go from one area to the other and then back and forth and back and forth!  Anyways, next transfer it will change.

     Last night we had a dinner appointment with ALL THE ELDERS and some other members.  The 2nd counselor to the Bishop suddenly said to me across the table, " SISTER MOYER,  I saw your video on YouTube.  I REALLY liked it!"  I said, "Really, when did you see it and what was it?"  He said it was called Golden.  Then the other member sitting next to me tried to find it on his phone and that was the start of trouble!!:)   While we were eating all of a sudden the video that Mother made of the song "Golden" came on their big TV.  I was so embarrassed and was kinda confused on what was happening.  They wouldn't stop playing the video, and then suddenly my video of Last Ones Standing that mother put together popped up.  Then they all watched my video when I sang the  National Anthem for the Phoenix Suns, and many more.  My FACE WAS BRIGHT RED!!!!!!  It was really uncomfortable for me because I was looking at who I was before my mission and it was really strange.  I begged them to turn it off but they wouldn't.  Anyways, just thought you would think that was funny!

     We are trying to work REALLY hard here.  This past week we had interviews with our Mission President and I LOVE INTERVIEWS with him.  He always builds me up and helps me feel so much peace in my life.  The first question he asked me was, "How are you doing?"  He asked it with so much sincerity and love that I just burst into tears.  I could feel so much love from him, and with tears in HIS eyes he said, "I wish you could know how much I love you!"  He is definitely the best Mission President I could ask for.  We talked about all kinds of things and I was so comforted by him and by the spirit that he brought to the interview.

     Today for P day we are planning to just clean and rest because we are so tired!  Right after Thanksgiving we are going to put up our little Christmas tree.  I'm so excited.  Last week we went to the temple and I felt the spirit really strong.  We had lunch and dinner with our whole zone and it was super fun!  I always love temple day.

     Like I said before the bug bite is completely gone and I haven't run out of the medicine yet, but I'm still going to keep applying it.  I JUST WANT to go see a doctor in the US when I get back.  I LOVE the package of CDs and makeup you sent me.  I got it this week and I'm sooooooo grateful for it!  I love listening to the music now all the time!   THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!

     The second counselor in our ward asked me last night to sing and play the guitar in front of a class of high school  boys, but I have to get permission to do that and we will see.  I can not wear pants EVER in public unless I'm doing sports. So if I perform anywhere even on P day I always have to wear a skirt or dress.

     I want to be a vegetarian when I get home.:)    I don't want to eat like this anymore, because my stomach is destroyed from all the amount of meat they eat here.  haha!  I am independent when it comes to choosing what I want to put in my body though now,  and feel like at this point I just want more fresh foods that are healthy.


     If I could talk to you face to face Stephen I would say, "How is music and dating coming?"  I would listen and laugh with you again, and I hope you are still reading your scriptures every day. I'm sure you are.  You are a great brother to me and thanks for helping me record my songs, and just being there for me.  You are so talented and I look up to you so much in every way.  I love you Stephen !!!

     Here's my words to you Alyssa:  I miss the fun times we had laying in my bed at night, even though once I woke up with a swollen eye the next morning. haha!   I think about how alone you must feel with Justin and I gone, but don't worry I'll be back soon.  We will hang out at Del Coronado beach and make videos of us while we lay out on the sand laughing. I want to do all kinds of things with you when I get home. Don't be too boy crazy though ok? :)  You are so fun and make me laugh!  I love you Alyssa and most importantly Heavenly Father loves you!  Don't ever forget that! Stay strong!

     Mother….I am soooooooo GRATEFUL for you!!!!!!!  You raised us soooooo well.  Thank You!  I will never complain to you again, and I'm so sorry if I ever did.  You are always serving your children, and you have taught me to love the Lord, and  also encouraged me to do my best.  I love you so much.

     Dad…….Thank you soooooo much for raising your children well. Thank you for being a tall gentle giant. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your example of always putting the Lord first in your life.  I admire how you loved your mission so much.  I love how patient and kind you are as well.  Thanks for your support dad. I love you!

      To Jeff and Roxy, and  Daniel and Kira, and Justin, I love you all so much and hope all of you are doing well in your lives.  I can't wait to see the little ones.

       I love you all and look forward to Thanksgiving this week!  We have a big party this Saturday coming up and that will be fun.:)  Be happy everyone and grateful!!  This Gospel is the true Gospel and this church is the true church.  I KNOW IT!!  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY DURING THE HOLIDAYS.  I have so much to be grateful for, and i love my mission and the people of Korea.  I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!   Have a great one!

                                                               Love, Michelle

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