Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Dear family and friends,

     Well I feel like I just talked to you all.............WAIT..........I did just talk to you!  haha  Anyways, it was really fun to see all of you and I couldn't stop smiling after I was done.  I felt so filled with strength and stamina.:)   We woke up on Christmas and my companion didn't have any presents and either did my past Korean companion, so the other sister in the house and I opened our presents together.  It was fun and lasted not too long.  Once again thank you so much everyone!  Today we are shopping a little bit and I am going to pack up everything to send home to you.  I have too much stuff.:)

     I want to tell you of an experience that happened ten minutes after we got done Skyping.  So we walked outside to leave, and we wanted to go eat some lunch.  We looked around and decided to walk into a restaurant close by, and while I was ordering the food, my companion got attacked by four missionaries from another church.   I have encountered many of them on my mission but this time I was READY FOR THEM.   I had to save my companion.:)  I walked up confidently and they turned to me like I was their prey.  They said, "What JESUS do you believe in?"  I said, "The same one you believe in.  There is only one Jesus Christ."  They then bombarded me with questions like, "When is the second coming and how is He going to come?"  I simply answered the question with, "No I don't know when He will come, but do you know?"  They continued to ask me questions that were not important and I then stopped them and said, "Hey we would really like to eat our food, thank you!"  They turned and didn't say a word, and then huddled together talking about us.  We tried to eat fast so we could not fight or argue with them anymore.  We were about done when one of them leaned over and poked us and said, "Tell me this........How many years ago did Jesus come HUH?  TELL ME!"  I told them the answer and then they started asking more and that's where I drew the line.  I said firmly, "Ok............So we both believe in Jesus Christ correct?"  They said, "Yes!"  I said, "If you truly are followers of Him and TRULY LOVE HIM then why do you act with anger and retaliation toward others who are believers in Christ?"  Suddenly they were quiet and didn't say a word.  I then boldly testified of Jesus Christ and said, "I KNOW THAT JESUS CHRIST LIVES.  I know He loves us and I love Him, and THIS is why I am here, to preach HIS gospel!  He LIVES!"  They then started getting really upset and said, "Give me your number........" and I said, "NO!"  They asked why and I told them it's because we only meet with people who are interested in this gospel.  They said, "We are interested...........(In a sarcastic way.)"  I said,  "You are missionaries and are obviously not interested in our message."  They were quiet and looked at me with a condescending look, and I said, "It was nice to meet you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!"  Then we walked out the door.:)   After walking away from that I felt physically tired but I knew that the Holy Ghost helped me with what to say.  I was NOT going to let them walk all over us!   I needed to stand up for the right.  It was a perfect day to be able to stand up for what we believe.  It was Christmas Day!  I was so happy to share my testimony of my Savior.

     Later that night I brought my guitar and my companion and I went Christmas caroling.  We only sang for 30 minutes at different homes, before a guy told us to leave.  While we were singing there was a young girl about 18 years old who stood off in the distance smiling at us, and she looked so happy to hear us sing Christmas songs.  All of a sudden she disappeared and I was really sad she left.  I was going to talk to her, but then suddenly she came running up to us in the middle of our song and gave us this bag of drinks she had just bought at the store.  She then ran away and stood in the distance watching us again.  After we finished that song I ran up to her with my guitar on my shoulder and thanked her so much for those drinks.  While I was talking with her I noticed she had tears in her eyes, and she had been crying.  I was so touched and knew that I needed to get her number.  I asked if we could meet again and she happily gave me her number and she got mine, and then she left.  Later that night she texted us on her own and said, "HI.  Tonight was SOOOOO cold but I was filled with warmth in my heart.  I received a deep impression and was so happy inside.  Please call me and I will help you with anything!"  I just melted.  Isn't that the true meaning of Christmas?  She didn't know who we were but was so moved by the spirit that we would be singing on Christmas in Korea, and not be with our families. Her giving to us, truly is the true spirit of Christmas.    I will never forget my last Christmas here caroling on a cold Christmas day in Korea, and seeing this sweet young girl taking the time to share with us.  I learned a great lesson that day, that presents are fun, but there is nothing compared to serving others.  We will meet with her this week.  This was truly one of the greatest Christmas's I will ever have and it never will be forgotten.

     We have had ENDLESS Christmas miracles and it would take forever if I told you all of them  I just want you to know that I am very grateful.  Our  Father in Heaven is watching over us and not only during Christmas time but always and forever.:)  May we continue to have the spirit of Christmas always in our hearts and may we start this new year with a more humble and willing heart to serve Him.:)
     I have been in this same area for 10 months on my mission without transferring and to be honest I would have loved to have gone to another area, but I am o.k. with it.  I have gotten really good relationships with everyone in the ward.  I have only been in three different areas my entire mission and for sure will not be transferred again before coming home.   I am going to miss Korea so much when I get home.  I know I will miss the kimchi, the smell of the air, the people, my former Korean companion, the bowing to each other, the Korean food, and just walking the streets as a missionary and teaching the gospel.  I love these people and their culture so much.  The fact that there is no dishwasher and dryer here.........I won't miss that though.  haha!

     This mission is physically hard, and I just can not describe to you how hard it really is,  but.........It is so rewarding, and so worth it.  I promise!!!  If I could do my mission all over I wish I had more faith from the very beginning.  I didn't truly understand all that faith entailed.  I have learned so much, but one thing I want to tell my children someday, is that the Book of Mormon is true and there is no way that it can NOT be true.  Jesus Christ lives and Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.    Someday when I have kids I want to teach my children the importance of weekly family night, daily family prayer, scripture study, and.....  (fun activities.) We can't forget those.:) 

     Lately my body has been breaking apart.  I was very dizzy about two weeks ago and it was so bad I had to hold on to the walls to walk, and it lasted for 4 days.  I went to the hospital, but soon after it went away.  I am thankful for that.  I have developed three different red circles or rings on different parts of my body, and I need to see a skin doctor as soon as I get home.  I don't trust these doctors here, and I really don't trust the pills they have given me because of the side effects it lists.  My tooth is hurting a little more and more on my left side, but not too bad.  PLEASE call a dentist so I can see one the next day I get home.  I am afraid to go to a dentist in Korea, because who knows if they will hit the wrong tooth. haha  Don't worry though I will be fine.:)

     I want you all to know that I am so happy and once again am determined to finish my mission working hard as I can.  I love this gospel and am so thankful to be on a mission here in Korea with these wonderful people who I dearly love.  Hope you all have a great New Year!!!!!
                                                             Love, Michelle

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