Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Dear family and friends,

     Well how's life at home?  I hope you all are doing amazing.  This week was another fast one and  I have a couple of fun stories for ya all.  So last Thursday we were doing our service project, and we delivered food to the old people in the apartments near by.  We were walking along and all of a sudden it started snowing.  We just screamed out loud with excitement, because we were so happy and surprised, and also this was Thanksgiving Day.  We were so distracted by the snow that my companion didn't see a flock of pigeons near by.  All at once they suddenly flew up right at her face and she screamed as loud as you would scream on a roller coaster ride when going upside down.  haha!  When she screamed she scared me, so of course I screamed and……….the Elders were 100 yards away from us and they just stopped and glared at us in shock to see what this horrific sound was.  You have to understand how much Sister An has always hated pigeons, so she was scared TO DEATH!!   We laughed later about it for quite awhile.

     This week we got a new investigator and she is 34 years old but looks like she is 26.  She has a lot of interest in learning English but is willing to listen to our message.  Hopefully something will spark within her

     Tonight we are meeting with the investigator that I told you about 2 weeks ago who has a LOT OF QUESTIONS.  We had met up with her in the cafe.  The man that spoke in Sacrament Meeting who had the low voice was the man I felt impressed to ask to help out with our lesson with this investigator, but he couldn't come this week so we brought our ward mission leader.   He is a psychology teacher and is very knowledgeable, and I'm excited for it.

     Today for P day we are going to go get some Christmas decorations and a small Christmas tree and lights, and  have some fun together shopping and then decorating.  I'm excited!:)  Christmas in Korea is so different here because it is a COUPLE HOLIDAY, and not a very big thing.  There are lights but NOTHING like in America. 

       Our Thanksgiving last week was AWESOME!!  It was the first day of snow!:)  It was  BEAUTIFUL!!  It snowed really hard that day for awhile, and it was freezing though.  Then we had a lunch with a member at her restaurant, which was nice.  I didn't get to eat turkey but we ate this meal that was kind of like a Thanksgiving meal.  It was perfect!  Then we had some meetings and an appointment with a member where we just ate a few things more and some kimchi.  It was good.:)

    Our whole zone is planning to have a huge Christmas party on December 16th and I was asked to play the guitar and sing for that.  I was also asked to sing for the Ward Christmas party on the 19th which will be fun.

     Right now our whole mission has taken on a NEW FOCUS,  FAITH!  We are individually trying to increase our faith every day.  I really have examined myself in terms of faith, and have realized that faith is so much more then what I thought.  Faith is obedience……..Faith is pure Christ like love when nothing is going your way.  Faith is determination…………and humility.  Faith is demonstrating your belief by obeying every single request of God.  It's hard…..but I really am trying to exercise my faith more each day.

     Well I am officially the OLDEST SISTER MISSIONARY in the whole mission now……..well after next week. haha!  Next week is transfers and I am the next to go home……YIKES!!!!  12 weeks.

       I love the songs on the CDS that you guys sent me and my favorites are the Reflections of Christ and the Lamb of God, and the EFY songs of 2015.  I listen to it all though.  Actually my very favorite is the song Glorious from David Archuletta.  I LOVE THAT SONG!!  It's our mission presidents favorite song, and I think I would literally die if I got to meet David Archuletta and sing with him some day.  He's my favorite singer right now.  

     Tell Lauren and James I TOTALLY WANT TO PUT ON A MUSIC CONCERT when I get back.  It will give me something to do when I get home, and believe me I want to stay busy.:)

     On Saturday our ward mission leader brought a friend to our big Thanksgiving party who is 17 years old and is rather shy.  We talked to her for awhile but I had to run some booths so I assigned one of the young women to talk to her,  and she did an amazing job.  This Young LDS girl brought her over and introduced her to all the 17 year olds.  They immediately friend shipped her even though the non member girl was different and not a popular looking girl.  The bishops daughter was kind and stayed with her the WHOLE NIGHT, and I could tell she walked away feeling so loved.  Now we get to meet with her again and hopefully we will see a lot of potential.   To any teenager reading this email, please be FRIENDS with EVERYONE even if they are different in the way they dress or act or look.  It really makes a big difference in the end, and that friendship can save their life.

     Please everyone pray for our investigator who is 22 years old that was going to get baptized.  She said she needs some more time to think about it, and we are going to meet with her again this week.  I am so excited that your ward got split and now you are in Jason Barney's ward!!  I literally screamed out loud when I read that.  I am SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!

     My foot is doing fine and I have stopped using the medicine and I am going to use essential oils on my foot and wait and see if these bites come back on my foot.

     Yesterday we met with an investigator in a different area.  We had a lesson with her and we taught about prophets.  She had so many questions like, "What does God do through the Prophet to help you?  Just tell you to believe and that's it????"  We explained to her what he does and she sat back and was silent.  Then my companion told a story about President Monson when he felt an impression to go visit a girl who's legs were hurt.  He went over and gave her a blessing and healed her legs.  Then Sister An, with tears in her eyes said, "THAT'S the way prophets do it.  They serve, love and teach."  I was touched by my comps message and the spirit was so strong as it silenced our investigator.  I know she felt the spirit!  Then we invited her to dinner with the bishops family and she agreed and we rode together.  As we were all sitting together at the table to eat, this investigator started to ask the bishop so many questions and he just testified to her so POWERFULLY!!  She said, "WOW!!  This is so interesting! It just makes so much sense!"  We talked about Lehi, the gold plates, and also the Godhead.  The coolest part was when the recent convert who was baptized just a month ago started boldly testifying and teaching.  It was truly amazing!!  This church is TRUE and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!:)

     So you asked me what concerns me the most about coming home so soon?  The answer is just having to be normal…………dating, singing, and not being a missionary anymore…….and not being able to speak Korean on a regular basis……just everything.  The day I have to take my missionary tag off will be very hard for me.

     I want you to know it won't bother me if you are in the middle of remodeling the house.  NO WORRIES!!  I will have just came from living in a Korean house and sleeping on the floor with mold and other gross things, and especially creepy HUGE spiders during the summer.  I hate them.  haha! It's totally fine I promise. 

     I love you all so much and can't wait to talk to you next week!!

                                                        Love, Michelle

P.S. Can you change the scripture that was supposed to be my favorite on the missionary plaque at church to a different scripture?  3 Nephi 3:15   "Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ………"  Thanks I love you!!!!

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