Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Dear family and friends,

     It was really good to hear from you all.  I am so excited about your new calling dad and mother to teach gospel doctrine.   I love the pictures of new baby Brinkley. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!  I almost died when I looked at the picture you sent me.  Love the name too!  Can't wait to hold her when I get home.:)  I also can't wait to meet the new ward that you are in.

     Today normally would be Pday but Thursday is temple day so that day we will just do something fun. haha!    This Wednesday I am singing for our Zone Christmas party at the President's house.  He strongly encouraged me to sing and so I am preparing for that as well as singing on Saturday at our Ward Christmas Party.  Also I am singing at a members wedding on Saturday, and that will be fun.  I will let you know how it goes next week.:)

     I want you all to know that I am so happy, and determined to work super hard to the end of my mission.  I am not worried about anything and know everything will be ok.

     It's freezing here right now  and it makes me miss the dry heat:)   My health is good….….. including my foot.  My diet is coming along great, but I can't wait to eat a bunch of fresh green salads when I get home. haha!  You asked me if I bow to everyone and the answer is YES.  I bow to every person I see because that's literally how you say HI.  It's like waving for us………it's just what you do.  And yes Koreans are squatting every where you go…….it's just their tradition.  I think I will go to the public bath house next week.:)

     My companion is Sister Daley still, and Sister An, the Korean girl, is still in the same house as me but she now has a different companion.  Last week we had a big meeting and we talked about the importance of teaching with the spirit.  Without the spirit you can not teach.  Mother, please remember to not be afraid for your new calling, and remember that YOU are NOT the teacher.  The spirit is the teacher, and as long as you rely on that sweet spirt,  I promise you will be fine.:)

     Lately I feel like I have really grown close to better understanding the first Nephi in the Book of Mormon.  He was someone with so much courage and faith, and I am trying my hardest to emulate Him as well as Jesus Christ……. who is perfect.:)

     Our area is doing really good right now, and I want to share a couple of experiences that I had this past week.  Recently the Elders called and said that there is a woman that would like to have her family learn English and do the family English program, which is 30 minutes English and 30 minutes gospel.  I called  this lady, and she ended up changing her mind saying she wasn't interested.  ( They ALWAYS say they are interested and rarely are.) :(    Anyways, the next day during personal study in the the morning I was studying Preach My Gospel and I was reading about referrals.  Suddenly I had this thought POP into my head to text that lady.  I had called the night before and asked her if she knew of any friends or family that would be interested, but she said she didn't.  Then in the morning I felt to text her and ask AGAIN.  I sent the text in that moment, and she replied back with, "Can you visit this area?"  I was shocked.  I said, "Of course."  Then she said, "Never mind……she is not interested."  Then a week went by, and during a lesson I got a text from her saying, "Please call this person.  She has interest."  She gave us the name and phone number.  We called her and she was so excited to meet with us, and she happened to be living in someone else's area, so we referred her to the other sisters.  They met her just this morning and called me on the phone.  The sister missionary was SCREAMING, "Thank you……..thank you…….thank you!!!!!   She is perfect!"  The investigator also brought another friend with her who was an investigator before.   I am SO HAPPY that I listened to the still small voice.  At the time I didn't know it was the spirit whispering to me, but now I realize that it was the spirit telling me to SEND THAT TEXT!

     We just got a new investigator and we called her and invited her to church.  She gladly accepted and came on Sunday.  She stayed for all three hours and just loved it.  She made a lot of friends and felt so loved.  She is progressing very well.  Then the night before church we went to visit and old grandma down the street that lives by her self.  We have had to be patient with teaching her because she is not ready yet.  We went to her house and invited her to church, and she said, "Well I gotta go to my church."  I said, "Just come for one hour?"  She sat in her family room and thought………."ok. come and pick me up tomorrow morning.":)  So we picked her up at 9:30 am and walked very very slow to the church.  She walked into the chapel and immediately another grandma in the ward saw her and asked, "Hey what are you doing here?"  They apparently knew each other and were so excited to see each other.  They sat down together and the other old grandma took good care of our investigator the rest of the time.  It was perfect.:)

     I am so excited to Skype with you on Christmas!  There is a member in our ward that always lets the missionaries come over to Skype, and if we don't go over there she will be offended.  She is my favorite member, and I will let you know more information next P day.

     Mother and dad, I want to go to Del Coronado when I get home, but I really want to go to Utah as well, to see my grandparents.  I had a dream about them the other day and would really like to see them as soon as possible. 

     This week we are passing out the CDs you sent me of the song I recorded, "Silent Night." I am hoping the message will touch someone's life for good this Christmas.

     I sent you a lot of pictures this week so this email had to be short.  I hope you like them.:) I miss you all and hope that I can see all of you when I Skype.:)  By the way the members here take such good care of me, and you don't have to ever worry one bit.:)  I love you all and wish you the best Christmas.:)

                                                                Love, Michelle (Sister Moyer)

      PS:  Please accept anyone who friend requests me from Korea, or a past missionary on FB.      Thanks!

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