Monday, February 16, 2015

Dear fam and friends,

This was a great week for us.  We accomplished a lot and really got the ball rolling in our area.  We visited a less active member and when we knocked on the door, she let us in, which was not like her.  It ended up that she was home all alone and was just sitting on her couch looking at her phone. When she saw us I have never seen her look so happy, because usually she looks annoyed when we come. haha  I was actually a little taken back.  We sat there and we just talked and laughed and she was just smiling.  I could tell she needed someone to talk to.  It was good to see her smile.  I shared a message with her and told her an experience I had about prayer and why it was so important.  She opened up to us and told us why prayer is important to her too, and then talked about her baptism.  I was shocked!  She then suddenly asked us if we could come by more often and visit her.  Wow!  The spirit was really strong in the room, and we felt absolutely guided to go to her house that day.  I know that in some way we helped her.  Everyone needs a friend, even if it's someone to just talk to or laugh with.

My companion is so responsible and goal oriented.  Even though I loved my last companion, this one now is even more patient, and doesn't get annoyed if I ask questions too much.  Both comps have different strengths that have helped me.

I talk to people on the streets all the time now, and actually can communicate in Korean pretty well. It's when I teach a lesson that I freeze up, and get nervous with the language.  I feel like I'm on the spot and so I'm working on building my confidence.  I know all the characters like the back of my hand and they are really easy.  I learned all of them by the second week at the MTC.  I can read everything I see perfectly, but I can't understand everything I read.  Anyone who learns Korean can read it, but the hardest part is understanding what you read because there are so many grammar forms and rules.  It just takes time, and I'm starting to understand more when I read though.

A less active took us out to a restaurant last week.  At the table we were supposed to take a piece of lettuce and put a piece of meat, vegetables, and onions on it and eat it.  We did and it was so delicious.  Then they brought out another type of meat, and I assumed it was the same typical meat.  It tasted good, but it was chewy and hard, and kinda weird as it tasted like muscle.  Later that night my companion was talking to the other sister missionaries about how hard the meat was. While I was brushing my teeth, I was like, "Hmmm….why was that meat so hard?"  I ran into the room and said, "Oh no…what kind of meat was it?"    My comp started laughing and she said, "It was pig tongue!"  I almost threw up right there!!  I was so grossed out!!  Anyways family, never again!!!  haha

Well we sang at the elders baptism yesterday and in sacrament meeting and it went really well.  This Saturday there is a ward party and I was asked to perform there and sing with my guitar.

I am so devastated for Trevor McClaws. I can't believe his sweet mother just suddenly died at the young age of 45.  Justin is probably in shock.  Please tell Trevor how sorry I am before he leaves on his mission this week.  I love that kid and miss seeing him at our house.

Today for p-day we are shopping and making rings just for fun. Valentines Day is weird here because it's a really huge deal…..much bigger here than in America.  The weirdest part is that only GIRLS give things to men, and they mainly give chocolate and flowers to them.  I saw men holding flowers everywhere.  HaHa!!

Something interesting that happened last week…. When the elders investigator got baptized he decided to not bend his legs, and so when he went down into the water he smacked his head on the step.  He was so tall that the water came up to his mid thigh.  The elder wasn't strong enough to lift him.  Everyone gasped when he hit his head and you could hear it.  He got a huge goose egg.  I felt sorry for him.

Everyone here wears skinny jeans with great big tennis shoes!!  What's the deal? It's so funny looking! HaHa  My favorite meal here now is called shabu shabu. Winter is about over next month and so I'm sending home some clothes.  I sent home  some cute head bands for McKenzi and Alyssa, and toothbrush holders that the Koreans use all the time.  Please put all my clothes in my room and take good care of them because some of them are from Korea.  Thanks

So next week I heard that I am going to be transferred to a new area.  My comp goes home in 6 weeks so she will be staying here until she leaves.  We tried to meet up with all of our contacts this week because I knew it was my last week to be here.  As we met again for the last time that I will see these people, I couldn't hold back my tears.  Aww….I love these special friends of mine so much!!

I want you all to know how much this mission has changed my life.  I can't think of any better way to spend 2015.  I am so grateful for this opportunity and I can't wait to share more experiences with you.  I love being around amazing missionaries too because they have influenced me greatly.  While I have been out here I have really been thinking about how good it will be for Justin to be on his mission!!  I love you Justin , and remember I'm out here too!!  I challenge you sis…Alyssa… to serve a mission.  You will grow so much and have amazing experiences that will be life changing.

I love you all so much and can't wait to talk to you next week!!  We will see where I get  transferred.  Love ya!!!

         Love, Michelle

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