Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dear fam and friends,
     I am really glad to hear from you all today.  I have been thinking about you and have really been praying for you all.  The other day I was talking to my companion about you mom and dad and I just started bawling.  I just think you two are AMAZING!!!  I am so grateful for you both and for everything that you have taught me.  I LOVE YOU!!!

     For my email this week I would like to share something that happened RIGHT before I came to email today.  My companion and I were doing our studies and all of a sudden we got a phone call from our investigator about 9:15 a.m. this morning.   She is the hardest person to understand her Korean with and so we were very nervous.  She went on to explain how she has been thinking about religion and about all the different religions that are out there, and she said she wants to know the truth.  She told us that she wants to know which church is right.   She asked if we could meet right then at the church with us.  We were shocked but happily said yes.  As we were walking, I got weighed down upon the fact that we were not prepared enough, and cannot speak good enough Korean with her. I started to call upon God and I had a constant prayer in my heart that we would be able to answer her questions and help her know of the truth.  We got to the church and originally she had interest in only learning English from us, but this time she said she was only interested in learning the gospel teachings. We still had no idea of really where to begin with her, so we asked her what questions she had in her mind.  She said, "I feel so alone in my life, and want to feel God's love and understand the truth, and to understand my purpose in life."  As she was speaking,  I for some reason, could completely understand every word she was saying.  I knew then that I was blessed by God and that He had his hand in that lesson.  This woman is very important to Him, and He blessed my companion and I to have the ability to understand her clearly and speak fluent Korean to her. My companion grabbed all of the pamplets and started talking about them and how this knowledge can bless her life.  I was watching her, and listening to my companion testify,  and I just teared up.  My testimony was strengthened so much in that one moment and I knew that the knowledge that we have, and the gospel of Jesus Christ, would answer all of her questions.  I knew in that moment that this is why I am here in Korea, and  I just wanted to hug her so tightly and let her know that she is loved so much by Heavenly Father.  As we started talking more we were able to bear our personal testimonies to her of the truth fullness of this Gospel.  We promised her that through this Gospel she WILL find truth , and she then started to be silent until tears streamed down her face.  The spirit was so strong in that room, and I could feel it,  because it was as if it was tangible. I could see this woman felt something because I could see it in her eyes  We talked some more and then finally came to an end.  We then asked her if she wouldn't mind praying, and she was a little reluctant.  She then said yes and we all got down on our knees to pray.  She cried the entire prayer and I could feel the want and desire to know God and to know the truth.  I was so touched and just love this woman even more, and desire to help her.  She told us she wants to come to church and learn more.  I can't begin to tell you how big of a miracle this is because she had NO gospel interest before this, and now she has so much desire to learn.  Her heart is ready to understand and except this beautiful gospel. I KNOW THAT GOD LIVES, and his teachings are true.  This gospel is true!!!  I LOVE being a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

     Also I had another experience this week that took place at a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere.:)  We traveled out to a recent converts restaurant that she worked for to visit her.  This woman's mom was there and as we were peeling potatoes just to help out, suddenly we started singing a famous Korean song, and then afterwards we taught her a hymn.  Her daughter was there and asked about the church, and so we invited her to church that Sunday.  I made her daughter pinky promise!  Sure enough, that Sunday, guess who walked in, her daughter and her friend.  She sat down by us and said, " I made a promise so I kept my word."  After church she said she wanted to come again.  MIRACLE!!!  I love missionary work!!

     Well.....Spring is slowly coming and I don't really wear a coat too much anymore because the weather is getting really nice. Transfers are next Wednesday and I will most likely be staying, and this will be my 5th transfer. Last p day was temple day and that was amazing!!  We then went shopping and just had a fun day looking around the malls.  Today we are going to visit another area to hang out with my first companion that I had and who was my trainer.  She goes home on my birthday, April 3rd, and my companion knows her too.  We all want to see each other one last time.

     We brought my companion to the doctor to try and figure out why she passed out the week before in my arms, and went into a seizure.  The doctors here are difficult to understand and they can't understand us. haha!!  So we have to figure it out ourselves,  and I think that it was because of me.  My comps eye was bleeding and so I told her.  She doesn't like blood AT ALL, and shortly after that she passed out!....but then went into a seizure. whoops.. Crazy right?  She's fine now.

     We are having a big music night in a couple of weeks and we are working with one of the ward members to help coordinate it.  I am not sure about all the songs yet.  But when we plan these music nights it brings back memories of working at Firebirds Restaurant and singing there.  I miss it sooooo much and really want to work there when I get back!  I miss the desert sometimes of Arizona and I love the cactus.  My health is good and I'm trying my hardest to eat better. Sometimes our bodies hurt so bad from being on our feet all day that it gets difficult to run EVERY single morning. 

     I'm excited to watch General Conference, but conference is a week after your conference.  We all go to the church and watch it and I'm so excited!!!

     I love you all sooooooo much!!!!  I miss you all too, but I know I will see you all again soon:)  Thank you for your support and love.  It means so much to me:)  You are all the BEST!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!
         Love Michelle

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