Monday, March 23, 2015

Dear fam and friends, 

     Well this past week we had interviews with my mission president, President Morrise.  He is so kind and we all have a close relationship with him, and we know he loves us.  This interview we had to tell him our thoughts about being a better steward, and as a missionary we have a special stewardship.  I studied long and hard about this subject and I was so scared to go into the interview.  Once we got started I was at ease.  He just asked me if I was being obedient and following the schedule and I happily said, "Yes!."  I thought in that moment how grateful I was that I had tried my hardest to be obedient. While I was talking he suddenly threw his hands up in the air and said, "Sister Moyer, you and your companion are a DYNAMIC DUO!" haha  I was so happy but shocked that he said that. I love my mission president.

     On Saturday we had a big stake Relief Society fireside.  Each ward performed and I would have to say ours did the worst by far! haha jk   It was ok……Each ward was different, but I remember sitting there thinking how this is nothing like a Utah or Arizona fireside.  It went from being very spiritual to everyone clapping and screaming.  It took place in the chapel and so it was just a little weird for the Americans to see. haha  Our adorable investigator came with us and loved it.  I played the guitar for all the songs and then I sang a solo at the mic, "Teach Me To Walk in the Light."  This  cute lady afterwards came up to me and said, "excuse me…did you mean to sing that in country style?"  I told her yes and she said, "I LOVED IT!!!" Then she gave me this food to thank me, and it was so cute.  Then the 2nd counselor to the stake presidency said, "You gotta start using your music in lessons and when you bear your testimony."  I told him I was already doing that and then he gave me a big high five!! haha.  I LOVE KOREANS!!!!  

     We then went home with our investigator on the bus and subway and had a blast together.  I got to really talk to her and bond with her.  She is 17 years old and she is one of my best friends here.  On the way home we were standing in the subway and this man came walking by and he was sweating from every pore on his face.  We were all a little "weirded" out but thought nothing of it.  He started handing out these fliers and then came back again to pick them up.  As he was doing that he slipped and fell flat on his face and didn't move.  His feet were right by my feet and everyone around us started to scream.  He started crying a little and acted like he broke his leg.  People tried to help him up but he started pulling himself towards the door of the subway.  We were all still getting on, and then all of a sudden he SLAMMED his body against the door and everyone screamed.  He started barking like a dog…. a lot of people then got off that train.  I have never seen anything like that before and it was pretty scary!  We got off and said goodbye to our investigator.  That was a fun day.  haha

     Yesterday my companion and I were sitting in sacrament meeting and all of a sudden she passed out and had a seizure right in my arms.  I was so scared and she finally stopped and she was given a blessing.  We went home to rest and then went to the hospital today.  She is doing much better, but we have to go back on Thursday because the doctor's don't really know yet what caused it…. but we will find that out soon.  She will be o.k!

     My companion is from Maryland but her family is living now in Washington D.C. and she is still planning to be a music teacher when she gets back.  I really love my companion.  When I get back I want so badly to visit my mission that same year in the summer.  I just love these people!  This Thursday we are going to the temple here, and I always love those days. For p-day last week we wanted to just sleep, but ended up watching church movies and singing songs on the guitar the whole day.  We are getting ready for a "music night" that we are putting together for our investigator's.  We are excited about that. 

     I miss cross fit SO much and I have so many goals on being fit when I get home.  I'm TIRED of not feeling fit!! haha  And when I get home I want to attend school immediately, probably A.S.U.  and as soon as I get back I'm going blonde. I got your package that you sent me and I LOVED IT!!  Everyone in the office was just like, "I've never seen a package this big!!"  Thank you THANK YOU!! 

     I have eaten some weird foods here like pig tongue (accidentally) and pig intestines and blood, but those silk worms were too much!   So you asked me what went thru my mind when I first saw the silk worms. I first thought, " Why would people eat things like this?"  When I actually popped one of those things in my mouth, after much persuasion, I felt like I was eating a cockroach!  It smelled and tasted like one and I almost threw up!  haha  I have a video of it that I will show you when I get home that my companion took of me.  It's too hard to send videos now though.

     You asked me what I want for my birthday.  If you send me a package I would love American healthy treats that we can't get here.  I can buy a lot of things here but I can't buy shoes my size that are flat.  If you could please send me some comfortable summer shoes that would be great, also some white shirts from Down East, because mine are getting destroyed already.  Summer will be brutal here so I need some more as well.  I sent home the package to you with a lot of things I don't need by boat because it costs so much by plane.  It will get there in 2 months.   Sorry!

     I want to express to you my love for the Savior, because this is such a beautiful Easter season.  We have been really focussing on talking about Jesus Christ to everyone because HE LIVES!  I don't have a lot to say, except because of Him, we can live again.  Because of Him, we have hope and we can be relieved from any pain and sorrow.  A member here the other day said something that was very insightful.  She said because of the atonement it is very hard, because we remember how hard it was for His suffering.  I told her that we don't have to carry the pain, sorrow, and burdens alone.  This Easter the video called "Because of Him" will be on the front page on Youtube the whole day.  Please share this video with as any people as you can.  You can be a missionary too!  I love being a missionary, and even though I am not perfect and am far from it,  I am trying every day to be the best I can be! 
      I really loved Justin's email and it was so touching!!  Thank you for sending that.  I am working hard, and will work my hardest until the day I come home!  I will pray for the family of that girl who passed away in your ward last week.     

     I love you all so much!  And thank goodness for the gospel right?

          LOVE, Michelle

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