Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dear fam and friends,

     Well this week was CRAZY!!!  Yesterday was transfer calls and President Morise, our mission president, called us.  He always calls the Sister Training Leaders and because my companion is the Sister Training Leader, I thought that nothing was going to happen.  He told us that we are staying together.....but….. he made a change.  I am now the Sister Training Leader!! YIKES!!!!  I did not see that coming, and I suddenly felt a huge responsibility on my shoulders when he told me this.   I feel so inadequate! That night the mission president asked me to go to the airport with him on Tuesday to pick up the 9 new sisters coming in.  We have to proselyte with them and I can't speak Korean!  haha!!  I am so scared, but I know that I have to just grab this by the horns and go forward!!

     Yesterday was the craziest day of my life.  We got out of church and we realized we needed two more lessons to reach our goal, but only had one planned.  Everyone else fell through.  We were walking along and decided that we were going to be fearless and teach a lesson on the street.  To count it as a lesson you have to pray with them.  We were a little nervous, but saw this old grandma sitting on a bench, and she looked so bored.  We just walked right up there and sat down next to her, and began to just chat with her, and get to know her.  I have never met a Korean grandma so nice and so well put together and I was shocked at her wit and humor.  We just had a fun time talking and laughing.  We then asked her if we could share a gospel message, and she said, "SURE!"  We prayed right there on that bench, and then shared a message with her.  She just loved it and ate it up!  I have never been so bold in my life, and was shocked at the result.  She said that we can meet again and I know we will.  Honestly my companion was the one to push me to do that, and she was such a good example of faith.  My comp said afterwards, " I think that's something the Savior would do."  That moment we had with that lady on the street was the highlight of my day.  I know that we were able to help her feel a little more happiness in her life.  I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!
     For my birthday next week we are going to shop here and buy some Korean clothes, and just have fun!:)  The weather here feels great today, almost like California weather.  Today for p day we are just shopping and resting, because it's our favorite thing to do.:)

     I sent you a picture of my bed where I sleep, and you probably wonder if I like it.  I actually do, and I want a flat bed when I get back home. jk  I don't miss a normal bed though. Korea is a whole different world.  The market places where you shop, are so different and fascinating. We go to them often and I will have to send you some pictures next time. My first trainer will be calling you when she gets home on dad's cell phone next week. So excited for you to talk to her!

     We are still working on getting ready for the big music night in a few weeks.  The stake presidency requested it of us and it's going to be so fun.   Next week we plan to play my guitar and perform on the streets with some of the elders. Someone asked if we get to wear casual clothes like jeans, on our p days.  No, we still wear dresses or skirts unless we are working physically or playing sports.  I have to be honest, I am extremely tired and stressed a lot but it's so worth it.  I do miss home but I have never been homesick.  I am learning to be more of a leader, and am learning about life in so many ways.  I am not as shy and scared of things anymore, and am learning so much about the Gospel, and the best part of me being here is the closeness I have felt to Heavenly Father. 

     I love you and am sorry my email is so short today!!  I ran out of time, so have a great week.  I will pray for you all :)

                   Love Michelle

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