Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dear fam and friends,

     Hey! Have I told you, family, how much I love you?  How much I appreciate you?  I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I LOVE you all so much and I appreciate your support more than anything.  You have all played a huge part in my life and a huge part in who I am now.  Thank you for raising me and continuing to love me.  I don't forget to think of you.:}

     This week was really rainy but so beautiful!  The weather is all over the place right now but it's slowly warming up and spring is slowly coming.  This week we had our big Zone Conference and we had it at a huge park, and it was one of the most beautiful parks I've been to in Korea.  It was raining everyday except this day, and it was just perfect outside.  We got to be in our casual p-day clothes and just have fun together.  After some training by the assistants and our President's wife, we then competed in a workout.  Our President has been challenging us to beat him in this and it's called the "7 Minute Workout." The highest score to beat is 400 and he got 397.  If we could beat him we would get a special prize.  Knowing me you probably could guess how competitive I got!!  I WANTED TO BEAT HIM!!!  I wanted to BEAT EVERYONE!!!!!  Well the day came and my companion and I made the serious mistake by doing the workout big time that morning.  We got ready to do the workout and of course I went HARD CORE!!!!  I wanted to beat my top score and everyone else's!  I unfortunately didn't beat everyone that day but I did beat my best score.  I think I made myself cross over the line because I almost fainted. haha   Anyways, it was a blast! :)

     After some more training at the park we walked up to the top of this mountain, which was so beautiful, and our President gave us a special talk and further training.  It reminded me of Sundance, Utah, and it was just gorgeous.  I can not describe how beautiful the surroundings were.  He talked about coming unto Christ, and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  I felt a strong spiritual feeling at that moment.  The meeting turned into a time for a few to bear their testimonies, and I felt this overwhelming feeling to stand up and bear mine.  I am not someone that likes to talk in front of people so I tried to push those feelings away, but they kept coming back.  I knew then that I had to do what I needed to do.  I stood up and bore my very simple but strong testimony that I know our Savior, Jesus Christ lives!  I am grateful for that opportunity because it strengthened my testimony even more.  I am so grateful for all the wonderful examples of amazing people that I get to be around.  I am also grateful for the wonderful President we have, and most importantly I am grateful for Jesus Christ.  I love this gospel!!

     We only have an hour to email our family and friends, and 30 minutes after that to email our President, and so if these letters are ever short it's because we need to be obedient to all the rules:} I am sorry if I ever sound in a hurry. I heard, mom and dad, that you got tickets to go see Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hays in concert.  I am SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!!!!  awwwwwwwwww please take tons of pics and videos for me!!!! Please!!!

     If f I could go back and change anything from the beginning of my mission, it would be for me not to have been so afraid to speak Korean.  I think my fear of learning the language really hindered my progression, but I am progressing very well in Korean now.  There are some sisters who are having a hard time, and who are also very sensitive, and so we are working with them. We have to be patient and loving, not just in helping them with their language, but just helping them emotionally.

     Young Korean guys here I have to admit, try to flirt with American sister missionaries so much of the time.  haha  We have learned to ignore them. Also walking around late at night is so safe here, and nothing to worry about in Korea.  The hardest thing for me right now is dealing with my body feeling like it's going to fall apart.  I know why sister missionaries only serve for 18 months now.  I'M ALWAYS TIRED but it's ok.  I wouldn't trade it for anything!  Missionary work is the best and I can rest later.:}  What helps me press on is the love I have for this gospel, and remembering why I am here. If anyone you know is leaving for a Korean mission, by the way,  tell them they better start learning to love eating KIMCHI. haha

     We just had our big music night on Saturday.  It went really well and I have a ton of videos and pics to show you.  I have one minute and don't have time to write all the details but I promise I'll do better next week.  Someone asked me what I am excited most to do when I get home?  I can't wait to sing with Clyde Bawden again and do FHE music nights, mainly because it's just MUSIC!!!  I can't wait to sing at gigs again, like Firebirds Restaurant, and eat fresh salads and fruit from home! I would  love to hear from Richard Parkinson but I think I have the wrong email address.  Could you message him and tell him to write me?  Please??

     I love all of you and hope everyone is doing ok. Have a great day! :}

                    Love, Michelle

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