Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dear Fam and friends,

     Well this week was soooo fun!!  You would never guess what we got to do.  We got to go and learn Taekwondo. (I don't know if I spelled  it in English right. haha) Our English class member invited the missionaries to attend the martial arts class, and let me tell was a blast!!!  The kids were screaming as we came in the room, as if we were famous, and kept trying to jump all over us!!  They worked so hard on a routine to show us for 2 weeks and it was amazing!!  Then we got to join them and actually be trained by their master.  It was so exciting and fun!

     I want to share with you an experience I had in the temple last week.  I was sitting in the Celestial room and I was staring off and watching all the missionaries, and all of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling/thought come over me.  We are LITERAL representatives of Jesus Christ.  I, Michelle Moyer, only get to be a full time missionary ONCE in my young life in Korea.  My Savior is there for me as I serve, because this work is the work and glory of God.  He WILL NOT let me completely fail, because this work is too important.  That is why it is so important for me to be strictly obedient, so I can show forth my faith, and I will then have his spirit with me as I work very hard.  This is HIS work, and as we do what He asks, and be obedient we WILL be happy. :)  I have a testimony of the principle of obedience and sacrifice! I LOVE being a representative and missionary for this church, and can't imagine that day going home and having my badge taken off.  This is a privilege for me and I feel so blessed!

     About one half of the Koreans that walk around are wearing masks, because the virus MERS apparently is spreading fast.  My health is great, but I try and wear a mask when we travel by subway like the other missionaries.  It is scary........but it is more in the area next to us, so don't worry,  every thing is good and I will be fine. :)  For p day today we are cleaning, sleeping, and writing letters!!  This transfer has taken a toll on my body, and I am sooooo tired!  

       I work with the mission president directly with my job as sister training leader, and email him weekly about each of the sisters progress.  I've been seeing him quite a bit lately.  He gave me some personal advice last week that I really appreciate, "Trust in the Lord and just have faith, and everything will be o.k."  We meet twice a month for a special meeting, and recently we had our big Presidents meeting called MLC. (mission leadership council)  I sang a solo, "Where Can I Turn For Peace." That went really well. I am still working on our ward music night that we are putting together in 3 weeks, and we are still planning all the songs for this.  That will be really fun!  

     The weather here is hot and humid......and I now want the DRY heat back from Arizona.  hahaha  My stress level is now at a 4 or 5 between one and ten, which means I'm doing a lot better!!  The hardest thing is just learning how to be in charge, but I'm getting used to it now though. The sweet Korean family that acted so interested in seeing the church and wanting to come to church a couple of weeks ago, just kinda........disappeared.....:(   There are so many churches and religions here,  and many people get stuck on their religion and can't move on if something else makes more sense.  Even though they are wonderful and kind people, maybe they are a little stubborn when it comes to religion.  hahaha

     I am so excited for you to send me the p 90x work out program!!!  I am trying to eat better and I want to work out super hard!!   Sometimes it's a little awkward when I am the only one exercising in the room and the all the other 3 sister missionaries are laying there just watching me work out. Don't worry I'm eating lots of fresh fruit and I use the Ninja blender every day!!  I really want to be healthy out here, especially after a funny comment one of the sister misisonaries said last week.  We were just in the middle of talking to each other about returning home with honor.  Suddenly one of the girls said, " MORE LIKE.........RETURN WITH MERS."  hahaha!!  We all had a good laugh out of that! 

     So I just feel like telling you all that missions, as you can see, are VERY HARD!!  They are hard but honestly I would NEVER ever go back on my decision to serve here in Korea.  If any of you are questioning whether to serve a mission, please know that there is nothing more rewarding and more amazing then serving on one.  I am out here to help others but I have found I AM THE ONE helped the most.  God lives and He does love us.  I know that with all of my heart!

     I love each and every one of you soooo much!!!  Alyssa, as your sister I have been thinking about you more than ever this week, and praying for you every day.  I just want to tell you that I am so proud of you, and to DARE TO STAND ALONE!!!  Show the girls around you that you are not a follower but a leader, and stand tall and obey the commandments of God.  Remember your standard of dress tells everything about you, and even though the other LDS girls may not follow the standards you know are right, you be strong and know that times may have changed, but God's standards never change.  I love you so much Alyssa!! 

     So thanks everyone for all your support and love, and talk to you all next week! 

                    Love ya, Michelle

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