Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dear Fam and friends,

     Well there is something I think you should know about, and you probably already have heard. There is a major virus going around in South Korea called MERES.  You can look it up and do the research.  Basically if you get it you have to be isolated, and all of your close contacts as well.  It has killed people as it is spreading very fast apparently.  I wouldn't worry because it mainly comes directly from someone who has it.  We are not allowed to go to visit the hospital for any reason.  We are told to wear masks whenever we travel, and we have to be very clean and cautious and wash our hands a lot.  Over 400 schools have shut down now and Koreans are VERY worried, a little too scared if you ask me.  I will be fine so don't worry, and if anything happens our President knows what to do.  Please don't worry about me, and I love you all!!!!!

     Second, we had a HUGE miracle the other day that I have been dying to tell you about.  On Saturday we were walking up the hill to go to the church, and all of a sudden the phone rang and there was an unknown number. I was startled before I answered, and there was a woman on the other line who asked me where our church was located and I told her the address.  She asked me how to get there and I told her to to meet us at a market place near by and from there we would show her the way.  She told us she had some daughters that she wanted to learn English and to also learn about God.  She told us that the other day there were some male missionaries handing out English fliers.  She said she got one and was thinking about her daughters, and how they needed to learn about God, have a church to go to, and have a good happy life.  She said she also wants to not only learn English but learn about God as well, so that is why she called us.  Even though it was Saturday she wanted to see the church and go inside and feel the spirit of it.   I don't know about other missions but that just doesn't happen in Korea.  We walked up to the church and she asked me to take her all around and see everything in the building.  We finally got into the chapel and  she and her family just suddenly sat down and relaxed.   Well…..she ended up bringing her whole family to church, her husband and her 2 little girls. We were just shocked, and after we said goodbye to them and were walking to dinner, just us two sister missionaries, we both started crying with tears of happiness for this family.  Let me tell you everyone, there are people out there who are yearning and searching for the truth.  This was a crazy fun week for us.

     I have a burning testimony that the Lord is in the details of our lives.  I also have a testimony of prayer!  If you pray to the Lord sincerely you WILL be able to receive guidance and inspiration, and be able to see God's hand more in your life.  He is waiting for each of us to turn to Him and strive to be obedient, and through humble prayer we will have answers.

      Missions are way harder than I expected, although I knew it would be hard, but I didn't realize how PHYSICALLY hard it would be.  I am learning to delegate more responsibilities on my companion.  Having to learn the language, being senior companion, and having to tell the sister missionaries to get up in the morning and to go to bed at night on time, dealing with emotional problems, and depression, is a big challenge. All of these things may be very difficult,  but I love challenges, and I can not even begin to tell you how much I have learned from all of this. I love my mission!!!

      The other day before I was about to get up and sing in a zone meeting, my mission president stood up and said, "Sister Moyer here doesn't want you to think she's famous, but to let you all know she is."  hahaha  I was so embarrassed in front of the whole zone, and kinda shocked that he would say that. hahaha   We all love and appreciate our mission president and I am thankful for his friendship and example to me.  Just to let you know that I am working hard to get ready for the WARD music night that I was asked to be in charge of.  So I am preparing an entire evening of music which will be fun.

     It's getting pretty hot and humid, not too comfortable, and I understand it gets even more humid in the next couple months, so we are getting ready for that.  hahaha  This Thursday we get to go to the temple so today is not considered p day. I was so excited by the way to see my good friend from my home ward in Arizona, Shaley Shaver a few weeks ago.  We just talked about our missions and how we get to speak in Korean to each other when we get home.:)  I feel like even though I consider myself an average speaker in Korean, and I'm not perfectly fluent at the language by any means,  I understand the language pretty well.  I can't understand EVERY word but good enough to have an hours conversation with someone.

     What??????  My little bro Justin (Elder Moyer) gets to use iPads on his mission?  I'm so jealous, cause yeah Korea won't get those for awhile…….We are told that they can't TRUST us. hahaha!!!   Oh before I forget,  there was a drunk man that asked us to date him!  It was really funny actually!!  Yes he was Korean, and no there are no Americans around here, just us.:)

     I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.  Thanks for the update everyone!!!

                     LOTS OF LOVE,

                              Sister Michelle Moyer

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