Thursday, August 6, 2015

               I WILL BE TRAINING……WHAT??? ME?
Dear fam and friends, 

  Well I have some news for you.  Yesterday we received transfer calls and my companion will be leaving and I will be training.  WHAT????  I am SOOOO scared, but VERY excited for this new learning experience.  I will be in the mission home all Wednesday with the new missionaries and will receive my new companion on Wednesday.  SOO nervous!!!!  I still don't know what I'm doing so this shall be fun!!  hehehehe.

      As you know I found out the date I am coming home.  I feel good about it, and even though I normally would be coming home around February 13th of 2016, there happens to be no transfers in February, so it would either be me coming home the end of January, or March 4th.  My day is March 4th.  I would feel badly if I came home in January just because I would not have completed a FULL 18 months mission. That is very important to me.  I'm sorry, but it's only about a month later and I'll be home before you know it.:)

     This email may not be as long today but there is something I want to share with you.  Last week our President gave a training on being CLEAN VESSELS of the Lord.  He said being clean on the outside AND MOST IMPORTANTLY on the inside, is crucial.  He emphasized obeying the LAW of CHASTITY, and repentance.  He said, "Whatever you have done, you CAN be forgiven, but first you HAVE to truly repent, and that is the beauty of the Atonement."  Sadly there were a lot of missionaries that decided to go home after this talk last week, and start the repenting process.  My heart goes out to all of them!   This is what I want to say to all those who have served a mission, or who are getting ready to serve a mission, or who are serving a mission currently, or to anyone, "Lets ALL try to become CLEAN VESSELS of the Lord."  We should not wait.  And especially for those who are getting ready to serve a mission, just know you CAN be forgiven.  This is the most important work, and I mean for any of you, not just "set apart" missionaries.  If you are a mother, or father,wife, husband, son or daughter, we all have such an important work to do!  I love this Gospel and I love my Savior Jesus Christ.  I KNOW HE LIVES and loves us!

      For P Day today since my companion is being transferred, we are meeting with some members for meals and then we are helping her pack her bags.  I feel so bad that my sweet companion gets depressed often,  and hopefully her next companion will help her through it.  I have tried to be there for her through her hard moments. Oh and we have LOTS of cleaning to do today. I don't know yet the name of the sister missionary I will be training.  I love the area that I serve in and hopefully I won't be transferred out of this area ever.

     I get up extra early every morning and do the P 90x3  and I absolutely love it.  My mission president works out EVERY DAY and tells us ALL THE TIME that we need to work out.  He is  very big on it. I haven't been running for the past 3 to 4 months because my companion won't come and it's been really hard on me, so I have decided to make my greenie run every day! haha!  My companion is just not a work out person so she is not interested, and so I do it alone, but it's all good, hopefully my next companion will like exercising.

     I still have the ring worm but I'm keeping it down with the essential oils, and it's getting a little better.  I have to say, the humidity is SOOOOOOO bad I can not even describe it, and I sweat constantly!  I would rather have the dry heat of Arizona's summers any day. haha!

     When I get home I will make you guys as much Korean food as you want, because I have learned how to make many meals here, and especially different sushi's.  I really want to work at Firebirds Restaurant about 3 weeks after I get home, as a singer again, and hopefully James will let me work once again as their performer.  I miss my old job there.  Someday it would be fun to come back for a week to Korea and do a concert here, and sing some popular, yet inspiring music, that might change lives.  A lot of different Korean members have told me they think I ought to do that after my mission.  

     I can tell all of you right now that I have really grown a lot being on this mission.  I have done so much more reflecting lately and feel like I have gained a lot more spiritual strength.  There's so much more to learn, but the mission has opened my eyes to what I want in my life, and my testimony has really strengthened, in a good way I think? haha anyways I love you all so much and I'm sorry for the email being a little short this week.  i will update you next week.:)  I love you!

                                                     Love, Michelle



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