Tuesday, August 11, 2015

                 I WAS JUST A GREENIE…HOW  CAN I              


Dear fam and friends,

     It's so good to hear from you all.  Happy birthday Dad!!!  I love you so much and you are the best dad in the world.  Thanks for all that you do for me!   Well last week I told you I was going to be a trainer, and I did receive my new companion last Wednesday.:)  Let me tell you…... it was an intense day.  I got to spend half of the day with my old companion Sister Holdaway, whom I love dearly, and she was also called to be a trainer.  When we got to the mission home we all ate lunch with the new greenies, and there were nine of them.  We started the meeting, and the Mission President began to speak, and it got a little more intense.  President Morisse eventually told us to split, and my heart started to beat so loud I could hear it.  I started having thoughts of, "How can I introduce someone to Korea for the first time?  How can I do this?  WHY would President ask me?  I was JUST a greenie……..I CAN"T TRAIN!!"  All of these thoughts ran through my head a billion miles per hour!  haha!  Suddenly the mission president called out my name and I stood up, and he looked at me and said, "Are you nervous?"  I laughed and said, "Yes."  He then called the name of the sister missionary (The Greenie) who I would be companions with……….The name I heard SHOCKED ME and EVERYONE in the room.  I am training the ONLY KOREAN sister missionary. There were four Korean trainers and five American trainers so I was stunned.  We hugged like we have known each other for a long time.  She grabbed my hand and we just rejoiced together.  It will be really hard but it's going to be so fun!  I mostly speak Korean now with a little English.  She is not fluent in English but it is ok.  I love her and we have so much fun together.  It is nice because she really helps out when I don't know how to say something.  I am trying to teach her a little English and she is teaching me more Korean.  Her name is Sister An gee min.  Don't worry I will send you a picture next week.  She is nineteen years old and  comes from a big family, and she has the softest and sweetest heart ever.  She has so much love for people, and I don't see her as a new missionary sometimes and she always has to remind me that she is very new.  To sum it all up she is amazing!  She wants to be a cook, and she is really good at it too.  She is teaching me how to make Korean food.:)  yum yum:)  We LOVE each other already:)!!

     Being a trainer to someone that is Korean is A LOT different then training someone of your own nationality.  The good part is I don't have to teach her Korean or translate, so that's a relief, but I do have to teach her how to be a missionary in Korean.  Over the past few days, I have been praying to know how to do this and have finally figured it out.  If I lead by example she will learn, and I don't even have to say any words.  All I need to do is be a good example in every aspect, and slowly but surely she will learn. :)  It's already made a huge difference, and she wants to be obedient and diligent.  She just copies EVERYTHING I do……….and that's why I have so much stress.  haha!  I have to make sure I watch EVERY little thing I do, and whatever I act like, whether disobedient or obedient, it influences her.  I just can't tell you how happy I am, and I have never had a Korean companion before, but it's so much fun!  She is from the Tusceoun area, and I don't know how to spell it in English. haha!  I love training even though it's stressful, but I'm having a way different experience than most trainers right now.  I get along with her great:)

     My new companion always exercises with me every day and we have never missed.  I LOVE IT!!!!  She says, "Running is hard for me,"  so I'm easing her into it and she is getting used to it already.  We are not allowed to use the P90x anymore.  Our president just came out with new rules.  NO iPods, or Mp3's, or anything like that, plus anything like p 90x.  I will probably send it home, but please save it for me and I will for sure use it when I get home.  I have decided to work harder on getting immersed in the Korean culture, and acting, and trying to think more like a Korean would in order to relate to them better.  We have been working really hard this week at trying to find more investigators, but everyone turns us down. So many people frown at us on the streets, but these past few days, I have to say,  more people have been smiling, and less frowns.:)  Sometimes it's easy to want to get discouraged, but i know I can't, so I never let myself.  I'm trying to learn patience.  We know there are prepared people out there, and we will work even harder this week.  We are determined to find them:)  By the way, just for your information, when we want to enter an apartment building to prospect or tract, there's usually security at the bottom by the main door, so we wait for people to walk in and we follow behind them…….hahaha just like you do when there is a gated community!  

     So for P day today is a cleaning day for the whole mission.  Our President is coming over to our houses for interviews so we are not allowed to leave our house today until it's done:)  We have a lot of work to do. My favorite P day by the way was when we got to go bike riding at a park with a bunch of missionaries.

     My health is good, but I had a cold the past few days but it went away.  My ring worm  unfortunately though is getting worse.  Oh and we had our music night and it went great.  I sang a song called, "I'll Find You My Friend," and also, "Come Unto Christ." 

     Thank you for all of your love everyone.  It means so much to me.  I will send pics next week;)  I love you all!!!!

                                                                 Love Michelle

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