Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Dear fam and friends, 

     Well this week has been the most exhausting and physically draining week of my life!  I hit my year mark a few days ago, and I literally feel a year older.  I am an old missionary and all the walking is catching up to me.  I'm DETERMINED to go hard until the end!  These last six months are going to consist of working harder then I ever have.  I might just collapse into your arms when I come home.  Be ready for a lot of sleeping.........hahaha!  My feet have actually NEVER hurt so bad, and  it's all going up hills here.  The blisters I have are pretty gross, and open sores are all over my feet.  I will be seeing a doctor tomorrow for the ring worm because it's getting worse.  There are some days I feel like I can't go on....... but somehow I do.  haha!  I know the Lord is watching over me.  It has caused me to pray more and think more about my Savior and his wonderful sacrifice.  My body has been aching and sometimes when I feel like I can't go on anymore, my mind reflects on the Savior and the pain He felt for me.  During the Sacrament yesterday I was overcome with emotion.  The physical pain I feel or have felt, Jesus has felt it for me.  I know that only through Him I can keep on going, and without Jesus Christ I could not go on.    Right now it's pretty stressful because I have to train ONLY in Korean.  My companion does not know English and so it's very difficult to fully express myself sometimes to her, and it's very hard for her as well, but we still have fun.  I just feel so bad that she has to be with someone that she can't really talk to easily.  Being a trainer is very stressful but I'm actually REALLY HAPPY!!!  I am a lot more happy then last transfer.:)  

     My new companion is absolutely amazing and is teaching me SO MUCH.  She is no problem at all because she is so kind and Christ like, and very sensitive.  She is 19 years old and was home schooled most of her life.  She was born  and raised in the church .  Her parents are very smart and raised their four children well.  My comp never gets angry, EVER!!!  Even when I make a mistake, she doesn't ever get mad.  I just love her so much and she is absolutely an angel!  I told you how much I love Koreans, well now I love Koreans even more.  She is the most patient person I've EVER MET.  I love her!!!  As you can tell........:) My companion has been teaching me how to make Korean meals, which is fun. I don't know the names of them in English........sorry.  I'll teach you all when I get home though.:)  My companion LOVED the movie Finding Nemo.  While we were walking for 3 hours the other day we just laughed and laughed together all about DORI because she loves her.  It really helped pass the time. haha!

     This week we spent a lot of time proselyting.  We need more investigators and so we are working our hardest to find those prepared.  Right now we are not seeing success but I KNOW it is coming.  There is always a silver lining after the storm.  Missionary work is really hard, and it was NEVER meant to be easy, but aside all of that I do recommend it to everyone.  If you can ENDURE a mission I feel like you can endure anything.  I have NEVER been so tired and in this much pain in my life, but my soul has NEVER been so at rest.  I'm so grateful for this wonderful work and for the happiness that I can feel even when I'm stressed.  When you are doing the Lord's work you are always happy.:)

     The other day we were planning in the church, and all of a sudden in comes these two ladies.  They walked into the LDS church claiming they were interested in learning more about our religion.  We started talking to them and telling them about the Book of Mormon, and then IT STARTED.  They were missionaries for another church and they started preaching about their church and telling us we are WRONG.  I was a little scared.......the feeling was dark......and it was more scary for my companion because she could understand everything easily.  We did not fight back but smiled and listened to them.  We then kindly told them that we needed to go.  I have encountered SO MANY people like that, that I know right away who they are and how to react.  I always get the same tight and dark feeling every time I meet them.  I definitely got that feeling when they walked in.  I know this church is true and NO ONE can convince me otherwise.  This is the work of the Lord and I'm so happy to have Him on my side.  I know He will always be there next to me as long as I am worthy.;)  I love this church and I LOVE missionary work, even if I have to meet up with a billion other missionaries trying to contend with me.  I KNOW THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE!

     It blows my mind to know that I will be home in not too long of time.  I can't believe it, and time is flying sooo fast!  Today for P day we are going to a famous place to go shopping and just have fun together.:)  It's pretty close to our area so it should be fun. Oh and by the way my companion and I have been working out every day and I feel like I'm getting more muscle and losing a little more weight.

     Last night we met with a member and I brought my guitar, and I shared the message through music.  It was so fun.  The Korean member always calls me, "The Singer."  It's so funny, and the Stake President always says to me, " Oh hi, you are the singer.  HI SINGER!"  haha I just laugh.

    To answer your question about the iPod.  The mission president said we can only use iPods that have no wifi  access to it.  My iPod has access to it, and so he is sending them all home. Yikes!  He banned it because a lot of missionaries are using internet on the iPods. Remember when the mission president spoke at a huge zone conference on Chastity awhile back?  Five or six elders packed up and went home because they did not feel comfortable with their lives.  I think it's important that President Morisse feels like he can trust his missionaries.  

     I want you to know that going to the temple has really changed me.  I have gained a new perspective on life.  Since I have been going to the temple I have felt a strong impression to direct my music when I get home to God.  I say if David Archuleta did that I CAN DO IT TOO! 

     I love you all so much, and just hang in there six more months.:)   Other than family I think some of you have kinda drifted off.  haha!  Haven't heard from very many for awhile.  I would love to hear from you all.:)    Oh and my chord for my camera broke, the one that lets me send pictures.  I will get one today and send pictures next week.:)  I'M SO SORRY!  I hope you have a great week.
                               Love, Michelle

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