Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Dear family and friends,

     I am so happy to hear from you all.  I love you so much and appreciate you more than I ever have my whole life!  Thank you for your prayers and your thoughts, and I can feel of your love all the way over her in Korea.

     Our ward mission leader is hard core and set some really good goals for us.  We always need to be giving out two Book of Mormons a day.  It is a struggle, but lately we have figured out an easy way to do it.  Most of the time we have about two minutes to talk to someone on the bus or the subway, and people are constantly coming and going.  We don't have time to just sit there and talk about non important things, and so this is their chance to hear the message we have.  We usually ask, "Where are you going, and how many people are in your family?"  Then it's, "Hey, I have this book and it's my very favorite.  Do you like reading? Before I go I just want to give you a present, and this book is so precious to me.   It's called The Book of Mormon, and I have found true happiness from reading it, and  I promise you that if you read it you will feel this happiness as well.  Here take this, and  have a good night."  I say words something like that and then they usually take it and say thank you, and then begin looking at it as I'm walking away.  Everyone accepts it, but what they do with it I don't know, but we got to get this amazing book out there.

     Last night we had an appointment and we were on our way home, and we knew that we had to give out our Book of Mormons.  Time was running short and I was sitting on the bus in the back.  I was waiting for someone to come sit next to me so I could talk to them, but no one did.  Finally a young woman and her husband came, and I started talking, and they looked at me like I was sooo weird.  I continued to talk and ask them questions, and still I got a weird look from them.  I just continued and by the time they left, we were laughing and talking like we were really good friends.  I was sooo scared that I actually didn't give them the Book of Mormon.........I forgot!  I sat there beating myself up for missing the opportunity, and I quietly prayed in my heart that someone else would come and sit by me that would be prepared to receive it, and that I wouldn't be so scared.  This lady suddenly got on the bus and sat down 2 seats away from me.  I said, "Hi," and she looked back and said, " Hello."  I asked her where she was going, and she was shocked when she saw that I knew Korean.  She smiled and just started talking to me, and probably was the nicest Korean I have ever met.  We just laughed and talked, and before I left I told her about the Book of Mormon, and she happily accepted it, and she started to read it as I was walking away.   As I left I couldn't help smile, and I was so happy that the Lord answered my prayers.  I love this Gospel, and I love the Book of Mormon!  This week has been so great!!

     Well I went to the doctor for my ring worm, and while I was in the waiting room I met an American doctor who was sitting in the room.  I had him look at my foot and he said it's definitely ring worm.  Then I went in for my appointment and the Korean doctor said it is a bug bite!  Nevertheless, the cream that he gave me to use took the whole thing away.......I repeat, the WHOLE thing is gone.:) So glad!!!

     Today normally would be p day but we are going to the temple on Thursday instead;)  YAY!!!   Next week though we are going to the park and I'm playing my guitar and singing with the elders. That will be fun!!  Soon we will get to visit a place close to North Korea.   I bought some really cute Korean outfits so I can look more Korean!!   Oh.........whoops I'm blonde. haha!

     So how's my Korean language coming along.......not good!  I honestly feel like I've gotten worse, because my Korean companion has told me all the things I say wrong, so I feel like I'm back to square one.  haha!  Every missionary says the same thing when they have a Korean companion.  I am so grateful to her for helping me, and I just know I will speak better in the long run:)

     There are SOOOOOOO many missionaries from other churches walking around in our area, which really distracts our work.  This area that I'm in is considered the "bible belt" of Korea, and we have the most missionaries then any other area.  Even though there are many Christians, there are a lot of people who are Buddhists.   We have two investigators right now who are Buddhists.  They literally believe in Budha.

     I have been thinking lately about what brings me so much happiness here.  First I love the mornings, because it's so peaceful and I love studying the Gospel.  I love this church, and I love  being a missionary.  I also appreciate having an amazing companion, and I also just love thinking about my wonderful family.  When I think about my life in high school and all the hard hours I worked,  I can not even compare a mission life to those years.  A mission is SOOOOO much harder.........but SOOOO much better.  I can't explain it,  but that's why a person can NOT go on a mission unless they REALLY want to, and they love the Gospel, and the Savior.  If not a mission would be miserable!   I didn't think a mission would be this hard.......but I didn't think a mission would make me this happy........and be this fun.  It's hard because a mission BEATS YOU TO THE GROUND until you are nothing.........and then YOU RAISE UP........and grow into something beautiful and a master piece.  You really go through the refiners fire!    My favorite scripture is, " My son, peace be unto thy soul........and if ye endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high."

     I have four transfers left now, and I might be here until I go home.  My most difficult hardship right now is my feet, and mentally not being able to just talk and share ALL of my deep feelings to my Korean companion.  We are planning to do more music proselyting and also work with the ward with music nights.

     To my wonderful sister Alyssa,  I am so proud of you and wanted to tell you something interesting.  I have found out on my mission through studying, praying, and learning from my Mission President,  that dressing modest is part of the Law of Chastity.  In our mission we found out that there are several Elders looking at pornography, and girls are the reason.  So keep being strong like you are,  and don't be afraid to stand for what you know is right.  Love you so much.:)

    I found out that even though we can't have iPods, we can listen to CD's.  Please send me these when you can:  Rob Gardner (The Lamb of God)
                          The Reflections CD by Clyde Bawden and Jason Barney.  (There are 2)
                           Any EFY CD's
                           David Archuleta church CD  (especially the song Glorious)
                           Anything else good that you find:)

     I love you all so much!  I can't get my camera to work so I will send pics next week, although I know you are dying to see them.  I am so sorry!

                                            Love, Michelle


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