Wednesday, September 2, 2015


 Dear family and friends,

      Hi everyone!  Well this week has been quite fun!  For P day today we are going to have an MTC district reunion, and I'm so excited to see every one again!  Last week when we went shopping it was a blast, and my companion and I had so much fun together!  We were planning soon on a p day with all the district, to visit a place close to the border of North Korea, but as you probably have heard, there were missiles shot and bombs let off.  Kinda scary.........It might  be awhile now.  haha! 

     My comp teaches me more Korean culture and helps me with the language every day, and I teach her English.  My companion kinda brought me back to level 1 in speaking the language, but now I'm progressing.  At first some of the members here noticed that my Korean language had gotten worse, and actually told me.  It did offend me a little at first, but then I started to get rid of all my mistakes and now I am working up again REALLY strong.  Someone told me yesterday that they noticed my Korean had really progressed for the better!  That was a relief to hear. 

     Every morning we exercise together and try to run often.  The weather is bearable but still hot, but not as humid, and at night it is perfect!  I'm in the city called Hwaogok, in the district of Gangseo-gu, and it's very beautiful with lots of hills.  There's a favorite meal of mine that I love to eat here now called, "bimmimbap."  It's made of rice and a bunch of vegetables mixed together, and it comes with a bowl with ice cold water and noodles.   It sounds disgusting but it's soooo good!:) Especially when it's hot outside.

     So last week I went on exchanges and I was with a different companion.  We got to teach our less active member the restoration again.  She had been baptized in America and was taught English at that time many years ago, but she doesn't remember anything she learned she said.  It was like we were telling her for the first time again, and what a cool moment that was.:)

     On Tuesday of last week we went searching for less actives and actually got lost in the city.  haha!  We were just laughing a lot and then eventually found our way back.   We ended up having a delicious dinner with the Bishop and his wife that night.  It was a good day.:)

     Wednesday we got invited to go to a birthday party for a little boy.  He begged the missionaries to come, so we went to a buffet birthday dinner.  Unfortunately we had a buffet 3 hours before that......We all wanted to die.......I have NEVER eaten so much food at one time in my life.  ouch! haha!

     On Thursday of last week we went to the temple:)  I had to go into the Korean session, and at first it was kind of annoying because we had to wear head phones for translation, even though I understood most everything said.  It really hurt my ears, but after awhile I felt the spirit more strongly then I ever have, and I feel like it was personally directed to me.  I was filled with so much peace in the temple.

     On Friday we had interviews with our mission president, and it was fun to have him and his wife in our house.  We cleaned and cleaned, and it really paid off.  I was a little nervous but so excited!  We had a really good talk that filled me with peace and comfort.  We just talked about my goals for the rest of my mission for about 30 minutes in my study room.  The spirit was so strong in our little house, and I felt like I could talk to him like I would to you Dad.  It was so incredible!  He knows I've been feeling quite stressed, so he really just comforted me, and reminded me of the scripture I quoted last week when the Lord spoke to Joseph Smith and said, "My son, peace be unto thy soul.  Thine adversities and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment.  And then if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high."  We both cried together as we felt the spirit in our room and our hearts were touched, and I felt so much peace after that interview.

     Saturday we went sticker boarding and I have never seen so much rejection in my life.  This one lady said, "YOU DON"T BELIEVE IN CHRIST!  YOU ARE NOT CHRISTIAN!"  Then I held up a picture of Jesus Christ and pointed to our name tag that has His name on it.  Then another lady who was laughing at me said, "Ahhhh YOU ARE MORMON......"  and then she turned her head.  I walked up to her and just asked her straight up what she thinks about it and she said, "It's good but your bible is WEIRD!"  Then I said, "Oh you mean THIS book?" as I held up the Book of Mormon.  She said, "YES!!"   She then hurried away, and I thought to myself, "Well the Book of Mormon is not our bible,  it is true scripture recorded by ancient American prophets, a second witness to Jesus Christ."  I sometimes kinda like rejection because it means something good will happen:)  haha!

     Sunday we taught our investigator and the spirit was so strong.  She is getting ready to possibly be baptized in about a month or so.:)  I'm so excited for her!  Tonight we were walking home and the landlord comes calling after us and says, "Hey I picked up all of your trash for you but you have to put it in a different bag."  (It was everywhere......the cat got into it.)  So we thanked him and he offered to go with us to the store to get the bags.  We said nicely that it was all ok and we went and got the bags.  He was waiting for us outside and said, " Now give me the bag and I will go do it for you right now!"  We thanked him and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and thought nothing of it.   Last night the other sister missionaries came home and ran into him and then he said to them, "WOW that Book of Mormon they gave me is really good and very interesting."  We will get the elders to meet with him.:)

     You asked me if there was anything I missed about Arizona and home.  If I had to say, it would be the desert, believe it or not.  I actually miss the dry land and the beautiful superstition mountains,  and just seeing the flat land.  I miss driving on the freeway for a very long time.........haha!!

     The mission president said that senior companions will usually be in the same area for up to 7 transfers so I feel like I could be in this city until I come home, but we will see.  Anyways, I ran out of time and so I have to hurry but I love you and will pray for you all!!

                                                       Love, Michelle

PS:  Alyssa, I love you and promise I will write you personally next week!!  Please don't be sad.  I really miss you!:)

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