Thursday, November 12, 2015

       TOO MANY MIRACLES TO COUNT…...                                   

Dear family and friends,

     Well family, another week goes by and another week is starting.  Thank you for your wonderful email you sent me.  I love you and miss you!  I know that time is ticking for me but if you could please not bring up how many days or months I have left  that would be awesome. It makes me a little trunky and then I have to work back up again. hahaha!  Time scares me and before I know it I will be talking with you on Skype for Christmas.  I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers.

     This week we saw too many miracles to count.  The Lord has been blessing us so much and we have been praying and praying and praying to find people to teach, but we weren't finding them.  We were trying to talk to everyone but people basically shut us down.  This past week we both got sick and my companion had to sleep for just one hour while I did some planning.   I had this thought to call this specific less active member that has been struggling lately, and so we set up an appointment and met the next night.  I was tempted to cancel the appointment because our schedule was conflicting, but it seemed to be ok so I didn't.  We went to her house and we told her that we wanted to do a role play that night and that she would get an opportunity to be an investigator.  She was so excited and got this big smile on her face.  She said, "Wait don't do it yet, there is a non member student coming to my house right now and you can do it with her as well, because I'm helping her with her English." (The lady is Korean but is an English teacher)  Within just a couple of minutes the door bell rang and a 15 year old student walked in.   She was shocked to see two Americans sitting in the room, and she had this confused look on her face which was priceless.  I tried to make her feel comfortable by having fun and making her laugh for a few minutes.  She agreed to listen to our message and we got to teach her the whole first lesson which is the Restoration.  I was shocked on how God works in small ways.  She had no religion and just listened intently.  She actually enjoyed it and accepted the Book of Mormon.  She prayed for the first time, and agreed to meet again after we got her number.  We walked away from that with our mouths dropped to the floor.  The Lord did answer our prayers in a way that was not expected.

     Another miracle:  We were walking away from an appointment and it was time to eat dinner.  We REALLY wanted this specific restaurant that was near us, but we couldn't find it.  It was raining pretty hard and so we eventually gave up and walked into this common Korean shop.  As soon as we walked in, the people working were so kind to us and it was a whole family who owned the restaurant.  They just sat down and talked to us for 15 minutes, and kept on saying how we are sooooooo good at speaking Korean.  I was trying to assure them that I really didn't know that much.  We laughed and had a great time, and while we were eating the family kept on talking to us.  They eventually told us that they were Chinese and that they have been here in Korea for a couple of years.  Their Korean was really good.  The daughter couldn't stop talking to us and she asked to meet with us before we could even ask her.  She said, "I am usually not here but I decided to help out my family tonight.  This is so cool that we met."  She is excited to  listen to our message and was so excited to meet that I couldn't believe it.  Heavenly Father led us straight to the people that we could teach.  Surely He does love us and answer our prayers.

     Today for P day we are spending time with a sister who is leaving next week to go to the  Temple Square Mission in Salt Lake, and we will miss her.  Here are the details on my foot.  I went to the hospital and I had a test taken to see what was going on.  He said it was a bug bite and also that it was infected. When I went to go pick up the medicine it had oral medicine as well, pills to take inside.  I was confused because they never told me why.  Then the area doctor called me and asked me what medicine they gave me to take.  I told him and he said to TAKE THE PILLS.  I don't feel good about taking them for some reason, and so I am just putting on the cream.  The side effects of the pills are not good, and I don't want to take them.  I just look forward to going to a doctor who can actually help me.  The doctor said to only take everything for 2 weeks and it all should be gone.  I was confused because he said the same thing the first time, and after 2 weeks of taking his medicine it all came back.  I asked him if I have to take this medicine for a long period of time and he said,   "NO just 2 weeks."  I was frustrated because he said the exact thing last time and it came back.  I believe that if I stop putting on the cream, it WILL COME BACK, and that being said, I will have to take it until I get home and go to a doctor who knows how to fix it;  Don't worry, it's not lymes disease from a tick.  I think it will be fine but it's very annoying.  I will try and find a doctor of traditional medicine here who possibly can help with their knowledge of herbs and natural healing to help as well.

     It's very foggy today and has been raining for 3 days.  I am finally wearing a big coat because it's really cold.  Our apartment is very warm, and all Korean houses and apartments have floor heaters where you push a button and the entire floor in the house heats up.  It's pretty cool.  I'm usually never cold in the house.  Right now I have a HUGE canker sore in my mouth……….like always.  Dad can relate to me……hahaha!!

     When I am with my new companion, Sister Daley, I feel like I'm with the old me.  It's my same old habits that I am watching, and not being able to focus.  She asks me the same questions that I asked to my companion when I was the same age in the mission.  It's fun to help her grow and to see the growth in myself.  I am also learning and growing so much in helping her.  I am learning to be more patient, and to have more charity.:)

     I'm so jealous of Justin on his mission being in such good control working out so hard in the mornings, and eating so healthy.  My companion and I both want to eat more healthy, especially after eating so many weird meats in Korea.  We want try and eat more vegetables.

     There is a kid tae quando place right outside my window.  At night I can hear these little boys punching and screaming!  Hahaha.  sooooo cute!!  I wish I  could take some pictures of them, but we are not allowed to take pictures while we are proselyting during the day so I will try and do my best.

     A member from my greenie area saw me yesterday at Stake Conference and asked me to sing at her wedding in December.  The venue happens to be in my area so it will work out perfect.  She asked me to play the guitar and sing a song in Korean.  It will be so fun.:)

     I can't believe you just told me about my song Middle of Starting Over!!!!  WHAT?????????????????????????????????????????  My song on iTunes gets to be played on a TV show in January?  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think this is the craziest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They didn't want Sabrina Carpenter as the singer and they wanted my voice???????? Could you record some of the shows of, "Younger" season 2?  My mission is really blessing me big time…..WOW!!!

     You asked me to tell you some things I want for Christmas.  uhhhhhh….I am not sure, so don't send it until next week and I will think about it ok?  Just fun and little things if anything.:)
I will bring home gifts for all of you from Korea when I get home.

     I am excited about the baptism of our investigator on November 22nd.  Her name is Jong Ji Youn, and she is 22 years old, the same age as me.:)  Her best friend is a member and was a referral.  Keep praying that all will go well:)  I will be singing at it and I am not sure if I am speaking.

     I feel like most of the members here are very strong spiritually but there are some who are struggling and need help. I would say the problem right now is that hardly anyone in this mission is inviting people to be baptized on the first few lessons, and that's a problem.  My buddhist teenage friends are doing pretty good I guess, but we have a lot of work still with them, and it's going to take awhile.

     I love you all and continue to pray for you all.:)  I will talk to you soon because Christmas is right around the corner.  Please be happy, and I look forward to the package of CDs that you sent me.  Thank you soooooo much!!! You are all the best.:)

     I love my mission and everything that has happened.  I have changed so much but I know that there still is more to go.  I still have so much more room to grow these next few months.  I can promise you that I will never be the same because of this mission, and it has changed my view points on life, and me,  forever!

                                                Love Michelle

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