Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Dear family and friends,  

     Well how you all doing?  Time is flying right?  This week was so great!  I got my new companion and her name is Sister Hayley Killpack, She is originally from Salt Lake City but was living in Draper, Utah before she came out.   She is 20 years old and likes to dance, and is basically an angel.  I already knew her before we became companions so we freaked out when we got together.  If I had to tell you the color code from the personality test, she is all blue.  We get along so well.  As soon as we were put together we went straight to a members house for an appointment and we walked in, and the member immediately said, "Wow, you two are going to get a lot of investigators interested and baptize a lot.  I can just feel your love for each other.  Thank you for coming to my house because you made it brighter and a more heavenly home."  We didn't say a word about anything but she could just feel the love we had.  We have already begun to see miracles, and will continue to see more together.  I just can't tell you how happy I am right now.

     This week we had a personal training from President and Sister Morrise.  I have never focused so much in my life haha.  We are now the Sister Training Leaders and we have a lot of responsibility.  We are trying to be good examples to the sisters and work very hard.  We are already packed with things to do so I have my work cut out for me. haha  After the training President Morrise went on splits with the Zone Leaders who are in our district and Sister Morrise went with us.  We had a very successful night.  We ate dinner together and then we had some appointments, and our last appointment was with an investigator.  She is 78 years old, and her house was SO SMALL that we couldn't fit one more person in the room. haha  We taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We saw the hand of God that night, and the spirit was there in the room and it led us the entire time.  She agreed to be baptized when she feels it's right.  When she stood up she came to my waist, and she is so adorable, and is so willing to accept our message.

     This week we plan to ask our investigator who has been postponing to be baptized, if we could talk to her parents with her.  We haven't seen her for awhile. 

     So my fingers are ice cold now as I am typing this email.  I will probably have to make this short.  We are going shopping today for P day.:)  I also sent my package to you guys and it will get there in 1 week.  It was about $179.00 and I'm sorry, is that too much?  What do I do about that?  I will try and fit everything else in my luggage....... if I can?:)

     The Koreans here love music and video games,   I just love the Korean's and especially their beautiful skin and eyes, and of course their amazing food and all the spices they put into it.  I'm going to miss Korea, but I am NOT DONE with my mission until I take off my tag.  Don't worry about me, but just pray for me and for the people here because they really need this Gospel.  The Christian churches here hate other Christian churches, and I have no idea why.  It's just like Joseph Smith's time, and everyone wants you to join their church and they won't listen easily to your message.  So please pray for them?

     Well besides my little Sister An (greenie) there is a member who is literally the FUNNIEST PERSON I have ever met in my entire life.  We just had dinner with her and her family two nights ago and we were cracking up the whole time.  I will send a picture of the family to you and remind me to tell you about her when I get home ok?

     My feet are still permanently blistered but it's ok...........I've had them my whole mission.:)   I am so excited to sing the week before I leave, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives," in Korean. I asked Clyde if he would play for me to sing for my homecoming when I get home.   

      So there are 4 other sister missionaries including me going home the day i do.  When I get home  you asked me if I want to go to Disney Land after we go to Del Coronado.  YES!!  That will be so fun!  I really want to go to Utah to see my grandparents within a few weeks after I get home as well.  And.......... you asked if I want to go directly  home first or to dinner from getting off the plane.........that is so hard.........AWWWWW  I can't decide.  I know I'm arriving late and so it's a hard decision.  haha

     I love you all so much and hope everyone is doing well. 

                                                         Love, Michelle

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