Thursday, January 21, 2016


Dear family and friends,

     I am sorry for the short letter I sent you last week and hopefully I will try and make this one longer.  I am happy to know that Mother did good on the gospel doctrine lesson.  I don't believe you Mother......... I believe dad and I know you did good.:)

    Mother, I am so sad and heartbroken to hear about the death of your younger brother Richard.  I am devastated,:(    I honestly was surprised he lasted this long but I am still shocked!  I know he is in a better place, and we will be able to see him again someday.   He was so young and had to leave all of his kids, especially the little ones.  Thank goodness for the plan of Salvation.

     Thank you Dad for telling me about the Cardinal's play off game.  It was really exciting and fun to read about.:)  I actually really like football and am excited to watch it with you when I get home.

     Well Saturday night was transfer calls and President Morrise called early to get a head start.  I was terrified when I got the call because I was expecting the AP's.  When the President  calls it's something big.  My companion will be transferring and I will stay for my last transfer.  I have been in the same area now for 11 months.  My new companion is Sister Killpack.  I already know her very well and we went on exchanges a couple of times.  She is one of my closest most beloved sisters in the mission, and is SUCH a good friend to me.  I am so  excited to get to serve with her my last transfer.  She was the only sister I wanted to serve with my last transfer and I got her.   We will also be Sister Training Leaders together, and honestly this was an answer to my prayer.  I am soooooooo excited to be with her, and she is an angel and I know we will see miracles together.

     For P day today we are going to meet with some sisters who are transfers and eat lunch together, and then my companion will pack.  I am going to send stuff home today, but it is sooooo expensive. It is a weird feeling knowing I will be soon coming home, and I honestly don't know how to describe my feelings.  I am really trying to soak in every second while I am here.  I find myself in  church drifting off and thinking about how much I am going to miss attending church with the Korean people, and then I have to snap myself out of it because I get really sad thinking about it.  It's very surreal to me.

     Last week I sang the song, "Where Can I Turn For Peace," in Sacrament Meeting.  I am also going to sing, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" on my last Sunday here, and I already scheduled it.

     Well let me tell you of an experience that happened this week.  We decided to fast this Sunday for our investigators and really just to see a miracle.  No one said they would be getting baptized but let me tell you what happened.  We picked up a college student whose parents are members but are less active.  They requested that we try to baptize their daughter if we could.  She doesn't like church  but she came with her parents anyway.  She was born in Provo and is 23 years old.  We got to church and as soon as Sacrament meeting started she pulled out her college textbook and started diligently studying it, and I was heartbroken.  I just wanted her to listen to the talks.  Then after Sacrament meeting she was standing next to this woman and I found out it was her mother.  The parents drove 3 hours to come visit their daughter and to go to church together.  Things got better as time went on, and now she wants to meet next week.

     Next miracle:  Our other investigator came to church and loved it, and while I watched her coming in, I saw out of the corner of my eye that a whole family that has been less active for years, came back to church.  I recognized them because they had faces I saw on records in our books, and I tried to call them but got no answer.  I caught eye contact with the mother and just smiled at her, and then I talked to the father afterwards and he was so nice.  He had been a Bishop and they used to be a very active family.  Then one day they just stopped coming, and so it was a miracle to see them there.  Then I saw to my left our investigators husband who is a less active member.  He has been coming for four weeks straight now, and he graduated from BYU, and went inactive.  He is FINALLY coming back.  Then I looked to the back of the room and saw another family who is less active come in with all of their children.  Then there was a member who brought her less active sister.  I have NEVER BEEN IN A SACRAMENT MEETING with so many less actives coming back.  To me, my prayers were answered.

     We have 3 investigators so close to being baptized.  One has learned everything, but we are waiting for her to get permission from her parents, and we have been fasting and praying for her  parents hearts to be softened.  She is so close to being baptized.  The other is in the hospital getting surgery, so once she gets out we will baptize her.  The other one is new and we will meet next week, and through our faith and the Lord's will........and her agency......haha we will baptize her!

     My body has really adjusted to the cold weather here and I don't layer much, except one pair of tights, and a sweater and a jacket.  I don't mind the cold, and I actually like it.

     My health is doing good, and my teeth don't hurt any more.  Please set up an appointment with the dermatologist, doctor, and dentist anyways please?  I just want to check things out.

     Every morning I love to eat fruit for breakfast, and the people here are always trying to feed us dinner.  I don't know how to say this in English, but I want to teach you these Korean dishes when I get home.  I love all the Korean food and can't wait to teach you all.:) 

     My last talk is scheduled for me to give in church here on February 28th, and that is when I will sing I Know That My Redeemer Lives.  I bore my testimony the last Fast Sunday that we had.

     I love all of you so much and I will see you all soon!!!

                                                                                                                        Love, Michelle

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