Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Dear family and friends,

     WOW!!  Another week has gone by and time is flying right?  Well I am very excited to see you all,  but I think you are thinking about it more than I am.:)   We are so busy that I don't even have time to think about it.  It's nice to be busy your last transfer because it can get hard being so close to going home.  My companion always says, "Wow you have never been trunky!"  It is true.  I am not trunky at all.:)

     This week was fun because we got to go to MLC with the President and the Assistants and all the zone leaders.  We received training and it was very spiritual and uplifting.  I also got to bear my testimony because I am almost leaving.  I honestly could not think of anything to say.  I got up there and I knew that I had to then rely on the spirit to give me the words.  Sure enough, I felt prompted and I was able to bear a very strong and powerful testimony of my Savior, and share some of the precious things I have learned while on my mission.  I could not have done it without the spirit.

       Then after two days my companion and I had to train the whole zone on what we learned at that meeting.  I was soooooo nervous because you have to translate every single thing you say into Korean.  One of my old companions said that my face was bright red the whole time, but it still went well though.  I then got to bear my testimony again for the zone.  I stood there not knowing what I should leave with all of them.  Thoughts started popping into my head and I got to bear my final testimony to the lovely zone members.  Now this Wednesday our President asked all the returning missionaries to bear their testimony.  I know that as I rely on the spirit to know what to say I will be given the words to say in the very moment I need them.  I am so thankful for the spirit in my life, and I have realized how precious of a gift that the spirit is.  I have learned how to recognize it more and I know when I do or don't have that prompting.  For the rest of my life I will only do things that invite the spirit into my home and my heart.

     This week is going to be kinda slow because it's national holiday today and one of the biggest holidays in Korea.  It's like Christmas in Korea today, and that's how big it is.  There is hardly any one on the streets and everyone can't meet so we will see how it goes.:)

     My health is great and I don't have any ringworm.  We are picking up some things and cleaning up the house, and just relaxing.  My next 3 p days are going to be ALL FUN!!!

     I am sure going to miss kimchi:)  I LOVE IT!!!  I will miss the sauces and the spices and just everything.  I have been making Korean food almost everyday so I am learning how to make it for you all.  I especially am going to miss sitting on the floor while eating food, and even though it's so different I am used to it.  I might actually do it when I get home. haha
To be honest I am not excited to eat American food.  My stomach has adapted to Korean food so when I eat American food here my stomach really hurts.  If I had to pick one food I miss though it's mother's grilled salmon.

     I will be singing at our big conference on Wednesday, and then a wedding next Saturday, and then I get to give my final talk in Sacrament meeting and sing for my last time in Korea.  The mission President has a big dinner then the night before we leave.    I have only 2 more times to go to the beautiful temple here before leaving my mission:(

     Sadly to say the baptism we had scheduled for February 21st is not on any more because she went to Jeju for 2 weeks without telling us.  She won't be ready in time so we are hoping for February 28th, but not sure yet.   She is not buddhist and she really hasn't gone to any other church.  Her father graduated from BYU and went less active.  Her mother did too, and so they never had their daughter baptized.   The reason is because they went less active before she turned eight years old. It's really strange though because her parents are the ONES WHO CALLED US to try and convert and baptize their daughter.  Her parents and family are very nice and the daughter is so cute.

     The girl that was scared to tell her parents is still working on it and she really WANTS to be baptized but she said her parents won't let her until AFTER she is married.  We still have a small chance though, and it's all to do with her heart.

     I try and read a  chapter a day in the KOREAN Book of Mormon.  IT's really fun to try and understand it, and helps me greatly with the language.  I mostly write all my notes and in my planner in Korean.

     The Korean's are mostly thin people and I rarely if ever see someone obese here.  The women hardly ever work out like American's do but the men here do a lot.   The people in Korea are very hard workers and I will miss them so much.  This is the BEST MISSION IN KOREA and I am so glad I went here!

     I really want only my family to meet me at the airport, and of course the nieces and nephews:)  SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU ALL!!!

     I love you and really do miss you, but you should know something.  I am lost in the work or am at least trying to be.  I love love love being a missionary.  It's the greatest privilege I have ever received and the next one is to be wife and mother.  I am not just part of a church.  This church and the gospel of Jesus Christ is intertwined into my veins and bones.  It is true.  I know it!!  Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, live and they live TODAY! I know without any doubt that this is His true church on the earth.  It makes me happy!  I love you all and I hope that you can find a way to share this gospel.  We are all part of a glorious work.

     I love you and will see you all very shortly.

                                                   Love, Michelle

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