Thursday, February 18, 2016


Dear family,

     Another week has gone by and here I am not sure what to say.  A lot of things happened this week and I will start out with a funny experience.  We had an appointment with a potential investigator, and she invited us over and wanted to feed us.  We went to her house and she ended up NOT wanting to listen to our message.  As we were getting ready to leave we gave her a card with our picture and a scripture.  She then looked at it and pointed to my companion and said, "Who is this?  Is this a MAN?"  It was so funny because my companion looks NOTHING like a man, and this old lady literally thought she was a man.  My companion wasn't offended and just thought it was so funny, but it took a couple of times to help her understand that she really is a girl and not a man.  When we got out of the lesson we just laughed the whole way home. 

    The next day we met with an investigator and a member.  We gave her the card with our picture on it and we read the scripture for her.  This lady then took the card and pointed to my companion on the card and said, "Is this Jesus?"  We all laughed and said NO.   One thing you should know is that the Korean's are VERY OPEN when it comes to their opinions.  If you look a certain way they will tell you, and if you are fat they will tell you that you are fat. They are interesting people and so funny.  

     Yesterday was Sunday and President and Sister Morrise came to our ward.  We were about to sit down when the 2nd counselor ran up to me and asked if I could translate for Sister Morrise.  I thought I was just going to sit next to her and make sure she understood everything while she spoke.  I willingly accepted and went to the stand.  Sister Morrise started telling me what she was going to say in her talk, and at first I was confused.  Then quickly I figured out the situation that I was in, and honestly it felt like my stomach had just dropped to the floor.  I was asked to translate her talk for the whole ward!!!  AWW I wanted to die........ I knew that I couldn't get myself out of it because the meeting started shortly afterwards.  I stood there on the stand completely terrified, but tried my best and just smiled the whole time as I translated.  Oh.....I was nervous because I wanted my Korean language to be very fluent.  It finally ended and I went to sit down in the audience, and I felt like hiding in a hole.....haha.  The people in the ward were so cute and kind to me afterwards.  Then this morning the 2nd counselor called me and thanked me so much for that sudden request and for doing such a good job.  I knew that I didn't do that great of a job but I was touched by the gratitude he had.    It was a good experience but I hope to never have to do that again........haha

     Today we are not having P day because we are going to the temple on Thursday instead.  It's freezing right now and I am wearing coats, tights, gloves, and scarves.  Hopefully it will warm up soon?:)

     Recently I had an interesting dinner of EEL.   You never know what strange meats and fish you will be served here.  haha  But even though the culture here is so unique, I love the people. I will miss everyone, and especially my three friends, Sister An, Sister Nam He Lee, and Sister Moon Jay Heoun.  It will be really weird having to sleep on a high bed for my first time in a year and a half.  I am used to being 2 inches from the floor.  haha

     I am so glad that my infected bug bites never came back on my feet and that I never took the doctors pills.  Did you set up the appointment for my hair to be done on Saturday?  Please set it up with the lady I went to last time because she is the best.  I am so excited to go to California and especially to go through a session in the San Diego temple.  I would LOVE that!!!!!  LET'S DO IT!!!!  Also I am excited to get back to the gym.:)

     I wanted to tell you all that as I look back on my mission I remember there was a time I cried out for help when I was a greenie.  I couldn't handle it anymore, and all I could do was just cry and cry to God.  I went into another room and cried for a VERY LONG TIME, and pleaded to God to help me make it through this difficult mission.  I knew that I couldn't do it alone.  I also remember crying out for help for our investigator and also for me to be able to say the things I needed to say, and express myself well in the Korean language.  I have REALLY developed a TESTIMONY OF PRAYER.  God does listen to us, and he loves us deeply.  After that hard time and other hard times, I have seen amazing miracles happen.  GOD LIVES, and is aware of each one of us!  I am so grateful to know that He is there for me.

     Yesterday was Valentines Day but it didn't feel like it because we were so busy.  I am not sure yet if I will have a baptism before I go home.......but I don't want to say no because where is the faith right?  It is still possible.:)

     We all sang last night after dinner and it was a very spiritual night for me.  I will be singing in Sacrament meeting soon and that will be my last time in Korea.  I am excited to see all of you soon!  But I have to say I might be a little weird.........just to let you know!!

     I love you all and hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day.:)   LOVE YOU!!!!!!

                                                              Love, Michelle

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