Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Dear Family and friends,

     Can you believe it??  This is my LAST EMAIL to you all!!  This is one of the ONLY things I am actually happy to leave.  haha.  EMAIL TIME is always so stressful.  

     I am excited to see you all!!!  Yes, I am very sad to leave Korea but I have come to realize that its something I can't stop.  I have been thinking back when I came and how different it was.  I have realized how this is my time to really apply everything I have learned in the past 18 months.  I have the strongest testimony I feel I have ever had and now I get to share it with everyone.  Yes I am sad but I am also excited!!  I don't really know how to explain my feelings.

     This past week was such a good week and we worked harder then we ever have.  It was my last full week as a missionary and let me tell you.........we were busy!

     I want to share with you again my feelings regarding this mission, and what I have learned and gained while out here.   The first and most important is my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know with more of a surety that He lives and He died for you and me.  I know that with all my heart!!  I have also learned the importance of three things,  being obedient , showing faith, and having the spirit of the Holy Ghost with you.  Why is obedience important?  Well as a missionary we have a lot of standards we have to live by, and as I was striving to be obedient my faith increased.  I know that through obedience I saw so many miracles.    I was at a point where I felt very low on my mission, and my faith was tested.  I then started to do everything I could to increase my faith and to show my faith to God.  Through just believing I was able to see miracles and accomplish the impossible.  When I was obedient I also had the spirit with me, and I  felt His guiding influence my whole mission. 

     I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves us!!  I can not wait to share my testimony to all the world! :)

     This past week we received two new amazing investigators.  One came from just us saying hi to her, and her parents have worked in the market for two years or so.  They referred her to us when she came back from America.  Now we are teaching her.:)  Little acts of kindness go a long ways.:)

     Today for P day we are going to have our last MTC reunion and I will pack.  Wednesday morning I will go with Sister Johnson who is also leaving the mission.  We will go visit her old investigator and then we will go eat dinner with my favorite Bishop and his wife.  Thursday we go to the temple and then we will go visit some people in my last area.  Then we have a dinner later that night and then the next day I leave.  I am so sad to leave EVERYONE!  I am sad to leave the Korean missionaries too because it will be hard to ever see them all again.

     I am terrified to come home because of the change, but I am trying to exercise my faith.  Now I get to put into practice everything I've learned.  I am excited though to be able to sleep and just take a nap.:)  My first instinct if I could choose would be to stay here just one more week. haha

     I have a lot of writings in my journals that I kept here, and I will treasure those memories.  I gave my final talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday in Korean and it went well.  A member of the seventy came that day and spoke.  He got up and thanked me personally by name for working hard.  

     I contacted Clyde Bawden who will be playing the piano for me to sing I Know That My Redeemer Lives on March 27th for my home coming talk.   He said he is all ready to go.:)

     My health is doing ok and it could be worse, but it's not......That's a blessing.  I will be fine!!  I just can't wait to SLEEP.:)   I do have those red circles all over my hips and I need to see a doctor about it right away.

     For the first few days I just want to be with my family and visit a few friends, but on March 27th all my friends on FB can come to a homecoming party, because that's the day I speak.

     If you really want to know something I would love to have, and that is a massage.  My Body REALLY HURTS bad.  I also really want to get back singing for Fire Birds and other places again.   I miss it so much!

     The picture that someone posted of me on FB with the Korean girls, are all the young women in our ward.  I love them!!!

     I would love to sign up for the mid term classes at school, so please register me?. 

   I bought you all some special Korean souvenirs that I am bringing home. :)

     I love you all and am READY TO EMBRACE MY NEW LIFE!!!   I will see you on Friday.:)

                                                    LOVE, MICHELLE

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